Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Padded Camera Strap

My daughter is studying Photography (the occasional really good picture that appears here on the blog is probably taken by her!). Her camera strap was very boring and definitely needed a make over and a bit of padding.

I wanted to make something removable so she can wash it/change it whenever she likes.

I based it on this great tutorial from TidyMom:

I made a patchwork piece the size I needed as I thought that would be cute and use up some of my little bits and pieces of fabric.

Also I didn't have any fusible fleece interfacing, so in a tradition of making do, I used the thin fleece wadding I already had and just stitched it round the edge to hold it in place. Fusible would definitely been easier! It was just a little bit tricky to turn out but the final result is fine. 

Incidentally this is what I was making when I took the photos for the Thread Thrift tip http://sumoftheirstories.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/thread-thrift.html

My daughter is away at Uni now but the other day I saw her tagged in a facebook picture, she was in the background busy taking photos, wearing her Harry Potter scarf and with this padded strap in place round her neck. I just feel like I'm still taking care of her even when she'd not here - Aahhhh.

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