Friday, 4 October 2013

Egg Thrift

How to freeze eggs
Do you ever find you have a fridge full of eggs just before you are due to go on holiday? It can't just be me, surely!

If you should find yourself in that unenviable position then here is an eggstraordinarily (sorry) good idea.

Break the eggs in two's or three's into a bowl then add either a pinch of salt or 1oz sugar. Whisk lightly with a fork then freeze in a suitable container but do make sure you label it! (I just use a sharpie)

When you are back from your holidays you can just defrost them, tub at a time, and use them in cakes,omelettes etc as normal. Just don't forget to deduct the amount of salt or sugar you added from your recipe. 

The salt or sugar seems to stop them from separating and going a bit weird.

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  1. I always have a glut of eggs just before going on vacation. I had no idea they would freeze ok. Thanks


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