Monday, 29 December 2014

Stripe and Tassel T-Shirt Scarf

I'm over at The Pinning Mama again today sharing how to make this cute and fun infinity scarf from an old t-shirt and some scraps of wool.
Perfect for brightening up a plain outfit and adding a fun splash of colour on a dull day. 
Pop over here now to see the full step by step tutorial, if you fancy having a go.

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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Popular Posts of 2014

Can you believe 2014 is nearly over?
In a moment of reflective pondering I am taking a little look back at the most popular posts of 2014 here at Sum of their Stories. 

1: The most viewed post in all of 2014 was in fact the very first one I publish back on 4th January! I had been playing around making grey crochet flowers and adding just a little touch of super bright wool for contrast.

2: I love crochet, you all seem to love crochet, another most viewed post was the blanket I made for my cousin's baby (as I write baby is due any minute - literally!)

3: In August I got all super romantic and made this coin special date key ring for my hubbie for our anniversary.

4: I went back to the 80's/90's with my Tetris Inspired Tote bag, apparently I'm not the only fan of those nice simple games we used to play back in the day!

5: I love Doctor Who, always have, always will. In 2014 we welcomed Mr Capaldi as our new Doctor but I had another trip down memory lane and made knitted bracelets inspired by the scarf of the 4th Doctor.

6: My Nan was a great cook and used to make these biscuits for us often. They are a family favourite in our house and are really delicious although I'm pretty sure it's not really the proper way to make shortbread.

7: This next post features an embarrassing number of pictures of my face as I played on the computer for fun ways to alter photos to make a greeting card to go with a gift of earrings.

8: I love making clothes and don't find the time nearly often enough. This top is so easy and quick even I could fit it in.

9: You just can't have too many reusable shopping bags, but they don't have to be plain and boring. Here's how I added frills to a promotional bag that are reminiscent of Cornishwear pottery.

10: At Easter time I shared how to make these little carrot shaped treat boxes that we used to make when I was a kid.

It's funny, when I have an idea, make something then write a post I have no idea whether it will be a popular one or not. To be honest I just make things I like, share them and hope someone out there finds it useful or interesting. 2015 is likely to be much the same!

Happy New Year!

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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Silent Sunday 14th December 2014

Here's a good tutorial if you fancy making something similar yourself. (sorry, not so silent any more - but people seem interested!)


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Friday, 12 December 2014

Bakers Twine Effect Crochet

Christmas crochet anyone?
give crochet a bakers twine effect edging
Way back in January I shared some grey crochet flowers I'd made with super bright accents.
A number of people have asked for a more detailed tutorial for the over-sewed edging on the roll up rose flower. So this year, for Christmas, I have been playing with the idea some more and taking some step by step photos as I go which hopefully will help.

I'll start with the Roll up Rose again.

This is what you need:

  • Scraps of wool/yarn, I've not weighed them but what is shown here is enough for a flower or a bunch of hearts
  • A crochet hook, I used a 4mm one
  • A big fat sewing needle
You can find the crochet pattern here. Once you've done it, it should look something like this.
Leave yourself nice long tails as they are handy later, longer than photographed here is better.

Now thread your sewing needle with a nice long length of contrast colour wool.
Start at the small end of the crochet strip, the one with the little petals, right side facing you. Bring your needle up through the middle of the first stitch. The photo shows it best but please do remember we are looking at the stitches here and ignoring the state of my nails!
I just left a tail and sewed it in afterwards.
Now just come up through the middle of the next stitch. I've skipped a few stitches here but this was the clearest photo.
Pull gently
Stop when it looks like this
Don't pull to tight or this will happen
Just keep going until you want to stop. On this big flower I stopped when there were 5 petals remaining so the last "round" will be plain. You can carry on to the end if you prefer.
To finish the red wool I just gave a couple of little over-sew stitches and then wove the end in.

Now start rolling from the little end
You can roll these as tight as you want, I've seen similar roses really quite round and packed together, or really flat and loose. It's up to you. I like the base to be flat like this.
Then I just use the long tails from the original crochet to sew long stitches, criss crossing across the base, catching all the layers.
And that's it!
crochet with bakers twine effect edging
I've also made a smaller one, just by making the original crochet chain shorter and doing less stitches in each petal. I will write the pattern up some time but I need to test it a few times first.
how to give a crochet flower a bright edging
Then I just couldn't stop and made this cute little heart garland too.
how to give crochet a bakers twine effect edge
I found the little heart pattern here at Craftaholics Anonymous. The tutorial there is fab - so clear and easy to follow.
I over-sewed round the hearts in exactly the same way as the flowers and then attached them to a simple red chain.
crochet heart with bakers twine effect edging
crochet heart with bakers twine effect edging
I think they are so cute!
When I have time I'd like to make a longer garland too. The flowers will most likely be used on someone specials gift wrap this Christmas, but you can probably think of a million uses for them! They would look great sitting on dark green leaves too, or on a wreath, tied on a mason jar, as a brooch.....

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Friday, 5 December 2014

Framed Christmas Tree Print

Is it ok to give a framed Christmas Print to someone when their birthday falls at the end of November / beginning of December?

I think it is, after all who wouldn't want a beautiful addition to their seasonal d├ęcor? So with that in mind I made this gift for a friend whose birthday was a couple of weeks ago.
Printable Christmas tree verse framed gift
I downloaded and then printed this beautiful Christmas tree verse printable from Yellow Bliss Road
The frame I had was an inexpensive Nytjia 13cm x 18cm one from Ikea. They come in a pack of two for just £2.75 and are perfect for decorating a little.
I printed the lovely tree printable at 60% to shrink it down enough to fit the frame.
This little yellow star was from my stash of bits from old cards and was just the right size. I just gave it a little sparkle with Mod Podge and glitter then glued it in place. I left the clear plastic out of the frame to allow for the thickness of the star.

Next I fancied up the frame just a little with Washi tape:
and then some little layered bows (also from my stash - seriously, never throw things away, you never know when you might want them!)
I could have gone on and on but the print is so lovely I didn't want to "gild the lily", less is more and all that. Christmas verse printable framed gift
Super easy and super cute - It doesn't even have to be a gift, you could make one for yourself!

Kristin from Yellow Bliss Road has tons of the most lovely printables, you can find them all here. But be ready to pin if you are a pinterest fan as there are loads and if you are anything like me you are going to want to be able to find them over and over again.
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