Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Late to the Party!

I've finally joined Instagram! Whoop Whoop! 
Maybe a little late to the party but better late than never. 

I'm slowing working out what to do, with the help of some of my very lovely blogging friends (honestly craft bloggers are just great people). It's visual and I like visual so I have high hopes for liking this as a social media.
If you have any fabulous hints or tips do let me know by leaving a comment. Like how to I get my images on that grey box up the top for starters? 
You can find me here, if you want to follow (that's a thing right?)

To start things off I'm joining in with a fun sewing themed photo challenge from The Daily Seam
I think it's fun to participate with others, especially when starting something new. Hopefully by the time the month is up I'll be an Instagram expert and will have found lots of like minded folks to follow. (Yes I know, good luck with the "expert" thing!) 
I think it's unlikely I'll manage a photo everyday but it will be fun to try.

So please, pass on your Instagram wisdom, as usual there is lots to learn.

Sum of their Stories
Sum of their Stories

Hello, I'm Julie. I love making things and this is where I share my enthusiasm.


  1. I've just added you to my instagram feed x They automatically add your photos to your header when you have enough, you don't have to do anything

    1. Thank you so much Louisa. I can't wait, that big grey block is so uninspiring!

  2. I love Instagram - I'm not sure I fully understand it, but I did read on a blog about Social Media that you should aim for at least 10 hashtags to get the most likes - a lot more than on Twitter or Facebook. Hope you enjoy it! xx

  3. I've been using Instagram for a couple years now and recently started a public account specifically for my blog. What I wish I could learn is Twitter... it's hard to keep track of all the updates, links, and hashtags.


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