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What to write in a card when you are stuck for words

My mother is law is brilliant with words, she always puts something beautiful and personal in cards. For our first anniversary she wrote an amazing letter to us where she went through all the things that we had done together as a family during the year. Me, I'm more of a "Best Wishes" or "lots of love" kind of gal! 
Today I'm welcoming a guest here at Sum of their Stories, Lesley from Decorque Cards who has some ideas for you if you are more like me and less like my mother in law!

What to Write in a Card When You Can't Find the Words

If you've ever opened up a blank card and been stumped for the right words, you’re not alone. We bet almost all of us have been there at least once, pen poised and at a complete loss for inspiration. Well, no more! We've put together some ideas for some of the biggest occasions in your card and gift-giving diary. Read on…

Anniversaries - You've been married years and feel like a simple ‘I Love You’ in a well-chosen anniversary card just won’t cut it. We don’t blame you! Why not think outside the box this year and consider writing something that will spark old memories and refuel your love for one another? A bit of nostalgia is often all you need to bring back a little romance, so start by sitting down and jotting down some ideas that might make good one-liners or fun anecdotes. If you’re still struggling, how about penning a lyric or two to the track you had enjoyed first dance as a married couple to? Failing that, simply jot down a verse from his or her favourite song? Simple yet thoughtful touches like this will go a long way.

Christmas – Now, we bet it’s not often you’re stuck for words when it comes to writing Christmas cards. If you have a mountain of cards to get through – for colleagues, neighbours and friends – it can be all too tempting to simply write ‘Merry Christmas’. But think of the 100s of cards your relatives and pals receive stating these simple words. True, it is what it is, but why not put a little thought into it as the festive season approaches? Try something slightly different like: ‘In the true spirit of the season, wishing you peace and joy’, or even ‘We hope your holidays are happy days’.

If someone’s recently lost a family member, however, it’s important to tread carefully. A simple ‘Our thoughts are with you this Christmas’ is appropriate, but think about following up a few days later with a friendly phone call. The festive season is a difficult time for those who are without their loved ones and a kind gesture like a thoughtful note or a quick call will let people though they’re in your thoughts.

Congratulations – If someone’s done a great job at something, let them know! It’s surprising how many good deeds or achievements go unnoticed, so think about treating them to a gorgeous handmade card containing a lovely note. A blank card is ideal, as it’ll give you plenty of space to get down everything you want to say. So often, a card ‘steals’ our very thoughts when it puts words into your mouth. After all, it can be difficult to know what else to write when the card’s verse says it for you. But again, think outside the box. Tell someone how proud you are of them, how you ‘knew they could do it’, and how you’re looking forward to celebrating their success with them soon. Instead, you could try something like ‘Kudos to you! You’ve earned this’, or ‘Just want to add my good wishes to those you’ve no doubt already received’. Don’t over think things; instead, just write as you might speak to the recipient face-to-face.

Retirement – When a colleague is leaving work, you’ll probably be asked to sign a card that inevitably lands on your desk. In this case, don’t be tempted to simply take a look at what everyone else has written; ‘All the Best’ and ‘Enjoy your retirement’ is all well and good but it’s not very original, is it? Think about how your colleague has helped you do your job and write a note of thanks referring to that. Or perhaps they’ve proved a real inspiration to you? There’s nothing wrong with saying it. So next time a card gets thrust into your hands at work, take a minute to think of something thoughtful to write.

Next time you’re stuck for the right words, simply take a look at this handy blog; we bet ‘All the best’, ‘Congratulations’ and ‘Well done’ will fast be omitted your card-writing dictionary!

Lesley makes and sells a range of Greeting Cards, visit her website Decorque Cards for more details.

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  1. Hi Julie! Just wanted to stop by and share the love!! These are great tips!! I'm like you and just usually let the card do the talking then sign it! :-) Thanks for stopping by my place....FYI I have a linky party on Thursday called My 2 favorite Things on Thursday, I would love if you stopped by...Hope you have a great week!!

  2. Julia, I am one of those that never knows what to write in a card. Thanks for the tips.


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