Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Textilbox Giveaway

Do you want the good news or the bad new first? The good news is I have a great giveaway for you from the lovely people at Textilbox.US The bad news is it's only open to people in the USA.
Textilbox.US is a DIY creative sewing box delivered to your door. Each box includes the pattern, materials and step-by-step instructions. It's a wonderful way for novice and intermediates to improve their sewing skills, while creating a practical novelty gift.

As I'm in the UK I've not been able to try out a box and share how I've got on with it, they don't deliver here (yet...) but just because I can't have one doesn't mean you shouldn't!

The idea of a box that contains everything you need to make something both pretty and practical seems like such a good idea to me. People who have been sewing for years generally have a big ol' stash of bits and pieces collected over time. If you are a newbie though it can be off putting to think you have to go out and buy loads of things to make a simple project. If it's all in the box - problem solved!
What's on offer here is a Holiday Texilbox which they promise me will be with you before Christmas. The Holiday Texilbox will also include a DIY bonus decorative gift from Simple Stories
For a chance to win the Holiday Texilbox just enter using the Rafflecopter below, there are several ways to enter and you can do them all if you like.

And as a small bonus, if you are not the lucky winner people in the USA and Canada can still get a 10% discount off a, just email:
mention Sum of their Stories and they will send you a discount code.
I'll be in touch with the lucky winner after the draw closes on 6th December and will pass your name and email address on to Textilbox.US so they can contact you to arrange to send your prize to you. 
Good luck, and remember (sadly) this draw is only open to people in the USA.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Update: Textilboxes are available in France and Spain and Textilbox.US do post out to Canada as well


  1. Hi Julia! I have been sewing for about 40 years and still love it, learn more everyday, and fit it in my schedule whenever I can! I would keep the prize for myself since none of my friends sew. :(

  2. I've been sewing for 50 years! I'd keep some, give some!

  3. Seems like all my life but at least 60 years. Still such a big part of my life. Now, I especially love fabric crafting and quilting. I think I would probably share with one friend who is also very crafty.

  4. Just about all my life, but quilting just 4 years

  5. Newbie. I took a class a million years ago and now I can't remember how to thread my sewing machine to save my life. I think I would keep the box - hopefully it would give me some motivation to re-learn how to sew!

  6. (whoops! and I found you off SITSGirls saturday!)

  7. I have been sewing for about 25 years. I would totally keep it for me. Is that bad? :)

  8. I've been sewing for decades! I will keep it!

  9. I have been sewing on and off since I was a kid. I would keep the box for myself, I love making all kinds of things.

  10. Been sewing since I was a kid. I would probably keep for myself :)

  11. I been sewing for about 10 years. I would give it to my daughter.. She is new to sewing..


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