Sunday, 19 March 2017

Handmade Monday #17

Hello, it's Handmade Monday time! Welcome to our weekly craft linky.
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How's your week been? It's been a busy one for me but I did manage to find some time to start a decoupage project, that I hope to have finished and ready to share soon.
I've also been multitasking in the evenings combining catching up with some tv and the knitting that I started last week. 

Now onto the features from last week's Handmade Monday. And can I just say thank's a lot - you are not making it easy to pick features, so many lovely ideas linked up last week! I've gone for yarn based features this week and there are 3 because I just couldn't choose!

Jo from Three Stories High shared a child's jumper she made from her left over stash. She even added some little crochet flowers which I love. 

Lina from Sew Historically was so clever and creative with this jumper refashion. She took apart the polo neck (turtle neck) of an old jumper (sweater) and then used the wool (yarn) she had just undone to crochet a new pretty lacy collar.
Sometimes I find it funny that we think we speak the same language in the UK as the US!

Over the Apple Tree was also on the recycle vibe with this great idea to take apart a jumper (sweater) carefully to source some lovely new materials for making new stuff.

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  1. I love all projects! Very inspiring :).

    1. Me too, I love spending a little time each week being inspired to try soemthing new. We are so pleased you have joined us :-)

  2. Lovely makes from last week. It's been aaaages since I joined in with Handmade Monday (or blogged for that matter!) so I'm excited to explore all the other lovely blogs again :)

    1. Hi, so happy that you are back and you've found us all! Welcome back :-)

  3. Ah Thanks for featuring mw. My girl hasn't had that jumper off since I knit it for her. She wanted to sleep in it but I had to draw the line - she would overheat in alpaca and wool and think of the pilling! Nothing to share quite today on the brink of a quilt though. Jo x

    1. Bless her, it's great when they really love soemthing you've made for them. I agree that sleeping in it would probably be a mistake though!
      A quilt sounds exciting, can't wait to see it when it's done.

  4. Oooo I'm playing with decoupage at the moment, lovely sticky mess. :) Loving your posts x

    1. Oh yes, the sticky mess, I actually really love picking the dried pva off my fingers, is that really weird? I'll be interested to see what you've been making when you are ready to share it.


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