Sunday, 16 July 2017

Handmade Monday #34

Welcome to another Handmade Monday link up, it's so good to have you join us this week. This is the place where we share our makes, bakes and other handmade craft ideas, find some new inspiration and connect with our fellow bloggers.

Have you all had a good week? I was away for a few days at the seaside so not much crafting time. I know some people take a project with them but I usually take holidays as a chance to read. I finished up A Storm of Swords (book 3 of A Song of Fire and Ice/Game of Thrones series) Oh my goodness, this is the book when all the things happen to all the people - I couldn't have put it down to stitch or crochet even if I had taken something with me!

I have a little cautionary tale for you all too. I took a cute little film with the Boomerang app of the waves coming in on the sand one evening. I was going to share it with you here and on Instagram. It was cute and it was summery ... Did you know you have to save Boomerang films if you don't share them straight away? Apparently I did not. No cute film to share :-( 

Never mind, let's get on with the features from last weeks linky, this week I've gone for a bit of a crochet theme:
This house from Kat Kat Katoen is just the cutest thing, that top window reminds me of a slice of Battenberg cake!
If you like little projects that use up scraps then you can't beat these little key rings from AnneMarie's Haak Blog. She shares links to free patterns for both the fish and the owl.

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Sum of their Stories
Sum of their Stories

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  1. Have pinned those owls, so cute for party bags! I lost the details for your image to show on my blog last week so I deleted it and used the ones from today and it has come back. Strange! Jo x

    1. Hi Jo, I had the same with half a dozen images I have on the blog. I used to keep them in Photobucket so I could easily get a url for them. Photobucket changed their terms of use a week or two ago so you have to sign up for a paid account if you want that feature so all my images stored there turned into ugly grey boxes telling you to upgrade. I hadn't clocked that it would affect anyone who used the button too. Sorry about that.
      I'm writing this very casually ... 'oh yes, this happened' ... this took me a whole morning to work out what had happened and to fix it!
      I'll add a reminder next week for people to check anywhere they may have put the button code to update it. Thanks for letting me know.
      I love making things, computer stuff not so much!!
      Computers are great when everything is doing what you expect.
      (The little keys rings are fab aren't they. I can't imagine they would take long to whip up so they would be perfect for party bags)

  2. Julie you are my soul sister. I am on page 900 of the same book. Cannot put it down!! It is like four season finales rolled into one. So much going on. Who has time for blogging?

    1. Separated at birth Mary!
      It's just one chapter after another isn't it? You are just reeling from one major catastrophe and there is another 2 chapters later, then another, then another. I found the first half pretty slow going but the second half was exhausting! Are you excited for the new series? I have to stop reading when it's on the tv or I get confused.

    2. It really is exhausting. I am reading the fourth book now and am constantly getting confused with the show. But I refuse to put the book down!

    3. Ah Mary, that's where you are going wrong! I've had to halt reading whilst the show is on TV, I'll go back to it once the series is finished. I can't do both, it all whirls round your head and gets all kinds of muddled!

  3. Julie, thank you for hosting. Have a super week!

    xo Dianne


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