Sunday, 23 July 2017

Handmade Monday #35

Hellooooo! Welcome to another Handmade Monday link up, it's so good to have you join us this week. This is the place where we share our makes, bakes and other handmade craft ideas, find some new inspiration and connect with our fellow bloggers.

I love Mollie Makes Magazine and each month there is a sweet little kit included. This month there is a kit with everything to make a little custard cream keyring so I had a lovely quiet, slow hand sewing hour this Sunday afternoon and made this little cutie.
Do non UK people know about custard creams? They are a really popular biscuit that have been around with the same design since Victorian times. Apparently a few years ago 9 out of 10 Brits voted it their favourite biscuit of all time. They are THE perfect biscuit for dunking in a cup of tea!

Here are the features from last weeks linky, once again it was just to hard to narrow it down to just 2 features, so this week I've picked an extra one! (and even that is hard, you clever and creative people DO NOT make it easy for me!)
Chris from Made by Chrissie D made this super cute matching game and carry case for her grandson.

Lina from Sew Historically showed us how to make a beautiful power puff, can you imagine how elegant we would all feel with one of these on our dressing tables!

Caroline from Carolee Crafts has made the most adorable little owl paper weights with vintage style linen. She is also zooming ahead with plans for Christmas makes and fairs - Super organised!

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One last thing before this weeks link up. I had some issues a few weeks ago with some photos I used turning into grey boxes like this:
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Sum of their Stories
Sum of their Stories

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  1. Thank you for the feature, did love making those owls.

    Now custard creams yes they are a favourite of mine as are bourbons, don't dunk though leave that to DH.

    Have a good week, Julie xx

    1. Ah Caroline, I've always thought a cup of tea is too wet without a biscuit to dunk and a biscuit is too dry without a cup of tea to dunk it in!
      Custard creams have always been our daughters favourite ever since she was little. I confess my most favourites are those foxes chocolate ring ones or toffee pops, love me some toffee pops!

  2. I also get Mollie Makes and have a stack of kits that I have never got round to making. The keyring is cute though maybe I'll make one. Trouble is my head is full of too many things I want to make.

    1. I set myself the target to finish the kits before the next issue arrives, but that doesn't always work out! I find they are all pretty quick and it's fun to try something new but sometimes I've ended up with a cute pretty thing that I've not known what to do with.
      This keyring is easy, our daughter loves custard creams so I'm giving it to her!

  3. Thanks for hosting the fun and have a nice week Julie!

  4. Julie you may think one of my entries is weird but "I did make it"! Anyway that is my sneaky way of adding it to the link party. Thanks for hosting each week.

  5. Thanks for featuring my vintage powder puff, Julie! :)

  6. I love your little biscuit (and I love eating custard creams!) Sounds like a lovely way to spend an hour :) Thanks for hosting! x

  7. I love the little Custard Cream key ring, I think Mister Heart Handmade might be sent out for a Mollie Makes this afternoon x

  8. I have never heard of the biscuits (US), but the key ring is adorable!

  9. Thanks Julie for featuring my Matching Game + Carry Case, I was late seeing it as I'm in the middle of moving State. I've given you a shout out here on my facebook page - Chris :D


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