Yoda Snowflake attempt

Last year on a dull day in December when I should have been doing a whole number of things, I sat with a cup of tea had a go at making a Star Wars paper snowflake instead. When shared it on my personal facebook page some of my friends seemed interested to know how so I thought you might to see too.

yoda snowflake

I downloaded and printed a template from Anthony Herrera Designs and got to work. There is a great little video too that is worth watching before you start, with some info about how to fold the paper and tips on cutting out.

I could have made a whole blizzard of regular paper snowflakes in the time it took to make this, but who wants a whole blizzard when you can have a Yoda snowflake?

You make these with regular printer paper and sharp scissors but you also need a good sharp craft knife. This is not something for young kids to do in the holidays!

The most difficult bit was the internal shapes like the eyes and mouth as there are just so many layers to get through. I found it helped if I cut the shape with my knife, lifted as many layers as I could then cut again, repeating 3 or 4 times.

I did tweak mine a little and joined Yoda's ears up, on the template the are not.

My precious Yoda snowflake got packed away with the decorations and by a miracle was still intact when we got the deckies out again this year. I've run it through the laminator, after all my hard work I hate the thought of it getting ripped.

laminated snowflake.jpg

Now it's taped to the window for all the world to see. (Well, the people who walk down our street anyway!) The street light makes one Yoda really glow at this angle.

in the window.jpg

There are some Frozen Paper snowflake designs over on Anthony Herrera Designs too if that's your sort of thing as well as Guardians of the Galaxy and Harry Potter. I really love the Groot and baby Groot snowflake designs in the Guardians of the Galaxy collection ..... next time I have another "not really spare" moment I'll have to have a go!


Christmas Windows with Chalk Markers

Simple designs drawn on the window in fantastic Chalkola chalk markers that just wipe away in the new year.

Merry Christmas Window with Chalk Markers

I was lucky enough to receive some Chalk Marker pens from ChalkOla in exchange for a review. 

Scroll down to the bottom for a 20% off discount code.

Chalkola markers.jpg

I have loved trying these Chalkola Chalk Markers out. They are so simple to use, smooth to write or doodle with and the colours are way more vibrant that I was expecting. They contain a high density chalk ink and i

t takes a couple of minutes to get them going when they are brand new. You pump the nib down a few times (like you would for any paint marker) and the nib gradually fills with colour - then you are ready to go. After that the ink flows pretty 

constantly even vertically like I was using them. If the ink flow slowed a little I just gave them a shake, depressed the nib again then it flowed freely again.

I've tried a few idea out with them so far, the first is a Christmassy wreath and greeting on the doors to our back garden.

doors before.jpg

That IS glass, it's just evening. Here it gets dark pretty early (about 4pm) this time of year so most crafting has to happen in the dark!

Start by drawing round a side plate with a white chalk pen.

draw round plate.jpg

Then add a very simple sets of leaves and then twiggy lines to make a wreath design.

wreath doodle close up.jpg

Add a few dots with a red Chalk Marker pen for just a little touch of colour. You could do your wreath in green if you prefer, the sets from ChalkOla have loads of colours to choose from.

This next bit I did a bit earlier the next day so daylight - yay! This is what I had so far.

back door.jpg

Next print your chosen greeting onto regular printer paper. I used a font called Bromello which I downloaded from DaFont. You might need a little trial and error before it is the right size for your wreath, I got lucky with mine. Or you could be super organised a measure everything properly first.

printed message.jpg

Blue Tack the greeting to the glass outside lining it up centrally.

paper in window.jpg
paper outside.jpg

Now you just need to trace over the words with your Chalk Marker pen. I found I needed one eye shut to do this, I'm not sure why, it just made it easier!

tracing words.jpg

It looks like I was a bit off with the tracing, but remember the camera is off the the side so it's a bit of a weird angle.

tracing greeting 2.jpg

Next just thicken up the down strokes next to give them a little more of a modern calligraphy look.

close up writing.jpg

The white pen shows best where there are no curtains or binds as once it's dark the design really shows beautifully. I'm going to try the other brighter colours on our front windows, where we have shutters, if I get time before Christmas.

In the daytime, with gorgeous dull grey UK skies the effect is more subtle but still pretty festive.

christmas greeting window wreaths.jpg
Christmas window doodles.jpg
Happy New Year window wreath.jpg

I've had SO much fun playing with these pens already and have more ideas to share with you using them. Photographing anything on glass is a challenge though! Hopefully you get a good idea of the fun and vibrant effect you can get with these pens. And as long as you use them on a non porous surface they just wipe away easily when you've had enough of them.

Update 7th Jan 2017

Just to reassure everyone that they really do just wipe away here is a quick photo from last night when I finally cleaned off our window wreaths using a damp cloth.

cleaning off.jpg


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Wooden Christmas Gift Tags

Last year I made some gift tags for all the family that they will be able to use as tree ornaments for years to come.

Personalised Wooden gift tags
Name wooden gift tag.jpg

To make them you will need:

  • Wooden Hanging Hearts or shaped gift tags

  • Christmas Scrapbook paper

  • Alphabet stickers or punches (I used my QuicKutz Squeeze)

  • Mod Podge or PVA glue

  • Bakers twine or cord

  • A needle

I found these little packs of heart shaped wooden tags on sale last October in the wedding section of our local Hobbycraft shop.

hanging hearts.jpg

I guess wedding season was over so they were marked right down to 50p per pack of 4. 

Personalised Wooden gift tag
  1. Place your scrapbook paper face down and draw round the wooden tag shape

  2. Cut it out

  3. Brush a layer of Mod Podge over the wooden shape

  4. Apply the scrapbook paper shape, smooth, then brush over another layer of glue.

  5. Cut out the letters needed for the names of your loved ones

  6. Glue the names on and give the whole thing another layer of Mod Podge to seal. Pierce through the paper where the hanging hole is with the needle and leave to dry

Wooden Christmas gift tags

Then just use cord or bakers twine to attach them to your gifts

personalised gift tags.jpg

If you want to, you could glue paper to both sides, maybe add a square of note paper on the other side so you can write a message. 

Or you could print a Christmassy quote or message on the computer and glue that on the reverse. 

I spent a while choosing papers I thought each person would especially like from scraps I have kept over the years. They all hung their hearts on their tree as soon as they had finished opening their presents which was lovely - I like a busy, crowded Christmas tree!


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