Sunday, 29 September 2013

School Reunion Cake Toppers

School reunion Cake toppers
Last night was my husbands school reunion and I promised to make some cupcakes.

I made the little toppers by shrinking down a picture of the school badge to about 4cm x 3.5cm and pasting it into a word document over and over. I then just printed these on thickish paper (about 120gsm). I got 12 pairs of images on each sheet.
I cut them out in pairs, as I wanted them double sided. Then I just sellotaped a cocktail stick to one side, glued the other side and folded them shut. Cocktail sticks were fine for this as everyone at the party was a grown up. I would use lolly sticks for a children's party!

We also had a picture of the old school rugby shirt, so I shrunk that down too, and printed it out in the same way. The last batch were just a little name and date label that I made by creating a table in my word document.

The school colours were navy & sky blue. (what can go wrong) Here's a great piece of advice - if you want navy paper cases, don't assume any shops will have them the day before you want them - they wont! Order them online from somewhere in plenty of time or you may end up with pale blue cases instead. (which were ok but not what I had in mind) 

Also, blue gel food colouring makes your tongue and lips blue - I'm just saying!

They looked pretty and tasted good, so all's well.

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