Sunday, 20 October 2013

Infinity Loop Scarf

WAY back in about 1986 I bought myself a scarf with money from one of my first ever wage packets. I wore it throughout the 80's - round my neck, in my hair with a bow (thinking I looked like Madonna/Cyndi Lauper!), instead of a scrunchie round my ponytail....

I never really throw anything away - this is not good news if you want a tidy house but it is great for new projects from old things. I thought this poor old scarf might make a good Infinity Loop scarf, so I joined up the short end and tried it on. Not good, it was a bit thin, not substantial enough somehow so I had a rethink and backed it with some silky fabric from an old skirt.

Do you have an old scarf that needs a makeover? 

You will need:

An old scarf and a toning piece of fine fabric the same size to be the lining
two pieces of fabric the same size as a scarf. (Don't pick anything too heavy or it wont drape nicely)
Thread & a sewing machine
and about 30 minutes

My scarf measured  140cm(55") x 24cm(9.5")    

Some of this tutorial is pictures instead of photos because I actually made this months ago (pre blog)
Pin the scarf and fabric right sides together, then stitch along both long sides leaving a narrow seam allowance. Leave a gap of about 2.5cm/1" at each end.
Turn the tube you have just made through so the right side is outside now.

Place the right sides of the scarf together and pin in place. Fold the lining down out of the way, you might even want to pin it so it doesn't flap up and get in the way. Then stitch across the scarf, taking a narrow seam.
Lie it out flat with the lining facing up and remove any pins. Let the left side lining flop down into place then fold a narrow hem on the right hand side and pin it on top. This is hard to describe, the picture shows it best. Then just stitch down the seam to hold it all in place.

The other side will look like this
It doesn't have to be too neat, this will be at the back of your neck anyway!

I did try ironing this when it was finished but it looked awful. It's much better all scrunched up, so when I'm not wearing it I twist it up...
...until it twists back on itself and keep it in the drawer like this:
I wear mine looped round twice and it seems like a nice length, but a bit longer or shorter would be fine too I think. Have go with whatever you have!

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  1. Infinity scarves are my fave! I made one a few months ago and I now refuse to buy another! They are so easy and fun and you can make them with any material!

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  3. Love the fabric you used! I'm definitely going to have to try this since I'm an infinity scarf fanatic :).

  4. Thank you all for your lovely comments, it's such an easy way to breathe new life into an old scarf. I'd love to see link backs to any photos if you do have a go.

  5. Infinity scarf never lost its fashion. It’s neither old nor new. Infinity scarf is for all season, it can add beauty to your outfit, especially if you know how to wear it and use it based on occasion and season. Thanks for sharing your idea, from old to make it new again.


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