Thursday, 5 December 2013

Business Card Box to Gift Box

Part 2 of my Recycled Gift Wrapping Ideas - Business Card Box to Gift Box.
Recycle a business card box as a gift box

I had a whole bunch of these plastic boxes that business cards come in. They are small but really sturdy and way too good to throw away.

I lined them with some festive scrap book paper to make little Christmas gift boxes.

You need paper that doesn't have a right way up for this, so nothing with rows of snowmen, Santa's or reindeer, otherwise half of them will be upside down!

Measure your box then mark and cut out on the back of your paper like this:

The rectangle on the left will line the lid, just make that 2mm smaller than the lid in both directions.

Just push the lining inside the box, pattern facing outwards so it looks like this:

I found a cute little tag left over from something (probably came free with a magazine) and it fitted just right for box number 2.

I'm thinking to use these for either little jewellery gifts or a few special home made sweeties.

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