Friday, 18 December 2015

Crocheted Holly Garland

This might be a bit late to share for this year, but could be perfect for next year! A crocheted holly garland, my last Pinterest Challenge for 2015.
holly leaf garland crochet with link to free pattern
I fell over a free pattern to make holly leaves on pinterest a while ago. The link took me to an amazing blog that I'm pretty sure most crocheters already know (if you don't then you are in for a treat) Attic24

I found the written pattern a bit confusing to start with, but the super talented Lucy from Attic24 has provided brilliant clear step by step photos so with my ipad on my lap I was able to make a whole heap of holly leaves with some green yarn from my stash.

I used some green DK yarn and a 3mm hook, I think this could be a case of use what you have and it will probably be fine. Each leaf only takes about 15 minutes once you get the hang of them so you can afford to experiment.
Crocheted Holly leaf garland
Once I had 10 leaves I attached them to a chain. To do this I chained about 36 cm (14") then held 2 leaves at an angle to one another and slip stitched through both. I did 2 slip stitches as I found this helped to hold the leaves at an angle. Then I chained another 10cm (4") and repeated with another 2 leaves and so on. I finished off with another 36cm (14") chain. 

I blocked the garland, experts will be able to see I'm not especially good at blocking but in my defence this was a yarn which had been knitted up into a mistake before and frogged so it was a bit wavy! 
Basically to block you just wet the whole thing then pinned it out flat on a thick towel doubled up and leave it to dry.
crochet holly leaves with button berries
I finished it off with a red button stitched on the join of each pair of leaves.
Crochet Holly leaf garland

You can make a garland as long as you like with this pattern, the leaves could be different shades of green to use up your yarn stash, you could make little red pom poms to use instead of buttons, or circles of felt.
I also think just one leaf with a plain card gift tag would be SO sweet on a present (I might do that next year, this year I've made these paper napkin poinsettias for gift wrapping) 

December pinterest challenge
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  1. This is so pretty! I am not a crocheter but my mother was and I have many fond memories of her crocheting throughout my life. Some of our most treasured mementos, since we don't have her anymore, are the afghans that she made for us.

    1. Crochet is really pretty easy Lory, and there are some great tutorials on line and in books. How lovely that you still have afghans made by your mum, my daughter has one my Nan made for me when I was little. It's so nice when things can be passed down.

  2. Now I have to start this comment off by telling you I can not crochet. My aunt who did beautiful work tried to teach me but I couldn't get it. And that is why your holly garland caught my eye. It is so pretty. I can picture it in so many places in the house. It may just be the inspiration for me to try to learn again.

  3. What a cute project! I'm a knitter, but this inspires me to learn how to crochet. Thanks for sharing at My Flagstaff Home!


  4. This turned out really cute! Thanks for sharing the idea and the free pattern site.


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