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Me Made May

A little roundup of how I got on in Me Made May 2016
Me Made May round up
So it's over, Me Made May 2016, and I've really found it so interesting and inspiring.
Way back at the end of April I pledged to join Me Made May saying I would attempt to wear all the wearable things I own that I've made during the month of May. I included refashions and accessories just to make it a bit easier on myself.

I've been sharing how I got on over on Instagram throughout the month. I had some spells of several days in a row, some days I even managed 2 items I'd made at the same time. Other days, not so much. I actually didn't manage my challenge :-( and had 3 skirts, 2 maxi dresses and 1 necklace that I missed out, I'm blaming the weather!
This is what I learnt:
  • I used to make more clothes than I have done recently
  • I keep some things for a long time - I found a wrap skirt I made over 20 years ago, sadly the weather just wasn't warm enough to wear it this May
  • I'd like to make more clothes for myself
  • There are some super talent sewist out there making some amazing outfits
  • I no longer own a single jumper or cardigan I've knitted for myself even though over the years I've made loads
  • I found some forgotten gems lurking in the wardrobe
  • I found some "Oh dear, back to the drawing board" items lurking in the wardrobe
  • People who really get good results often make a test garment first, a muslin, and those of us who don't often don't get such good results!
  • I need to work on honing my mad selfie skills
Here is just a selection of the "Me Made" things I've been wearing this May.
Turns out I've made quite a few dresses into skirts over the years - the simplest refashion / alternation of them all!
dress to skirt refashions
Chop the top from the dress and add a simple casing at the top for elastic - job done! 
The one on the far right here didn't even make it to Me Made May, not sure how I missed that one.

I have a quite a few tops that I've made, some refashioned from old clothes, some made from new fabric.
Me Made May round up

I also have quite a few jewellery bits I've made, I seem to be especially fond of bangles.
Me Made May round up

The tutorials for these are all here on the blog:
Cluster Drop Necklace
Fabric twine Bracelet
Cath Kidstone Notepaper Bangle
Doctor Who Scarf Bracelet

And just to finish here are just a couple of photos that didn't quite seem Instagram worthy!

Note to self - Don't try to pose and maybe move the bag of compost!
Ops, some days it got a bit breezy....(plus where are my shoes???)
Participating in the challenge was such a great experience, a combination of this and Sewing Bee being on the tv at the moment and I'm super inspired to sew more clothes.
You can see loads more participants and what they wore all month on Instagram, just look for #memademay2016 or #mmm16
Do you fancy joining in next year?

Sum of their Stories
Sum of their Stories

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