Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Delicates Wash bag

Keep your delicates safe in the washing machine using a little net bag.
Make your own Delicates wash bag
I'm going to start with a bit of a long background story today. If you have no interest in the 'why' and only want the 'how' just scroll on down!

I have had a very lengthy (ie: all my life) love/hate relationship with sockies, invisible socks, sockettes, shoe liners, call them what you will.
I love how they look ie: you can't see them
I love how they help stop your shoes stinking
I hate how they don't stay on my feet
It is just like when we were kids and our socks would always 'go to sleep' in our welly boots.
Here's a facebook post of mine from last year:
my issues with sockettes
Well I'm happy to say I have found a solution. PEDS Liners. I saw a review online (I can't remember where now, sorry) and thought they were worth a try. 
Whoop whoop, they are great. They stay on my feet all day. It's the little rubbery grippy bits on the heel that make all the difference. 
So once this problem was finally solved I had a new problem. 
How do I stop these delicate and fairly tiny things getting swallowed up inside the washing machine? They are on the expensive side so I want them to last, and getting caught up in the machine somewhere is not good for the machine either.
The solution - a net delicates bag to wash them in.

These delicates bags are available in the shops and they are not expensive. 
You might decide to go and buy one right now and that would be great.
If however, like me, you have a bit of old net curtain and an old zip (mine was rescued from an old cushion cover) then you can make one "FOR FREEEE" (Bedtime Stories anyone?) and in about 10 minutes.
Cut a piece of net curtain about 50cm x 18cm (20" x 7")
Delicates wash bag from net curtain
  • Pin one short side of the net to one side of the zip and stitch.
  • Pin and sew the other short side of the net to the other side of the zip.
  • Trim the zip.
  • Open the zip a little - this is important!
  • You've basically made a tube so shuffle the bag round, until the zip is about 1 inch down from the edge.
  • Stitch down each side seam, I went back and forth over the zip a few times just to make sure it was secure.
  • Turn right side out through the open zip.
Make your own Delicates wash bag
We leave this in the laundry basket so both our daughter and I can add our PEDS liners to the bag as we go along. Then whoever is putting the washing on can just bung the whole bag in with the rest without having to think about it too much.
Delicates wash bag
Delicates wash bag from an old net curtain
I believe other little sockette things with the grippy heel are available, but PEDS Liners are the only one I've tried. This post isn't sponsored by the PEDS people, I just really like them!
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  1. Great idea to use an old net curtain for a wash bag!

  2. Oh wow - what a great idea! I have previously purchased these bags and subsequently lost them, or needed more. Would never have have thought of making my own from old net curtains - dope! Thanks for sharing x

    1. They are really useful to have around, and when you make your own they can be any size which is a bonus. I might try some with just a popper fastening or two another time, if I don't have a handy 2nd hand zip, I think that would work too.

  3. I love this idea and I do wish that I could sew. It is so useful to make things like this. :)
    Enjoy your day and weekend.
    Julie xo

    1. It's just a couple of straight lines so it is super simple. You do really need a sewing machine though, sewing by hand is possible but it would be quicker to walk to the shops, buy a little bag and walk back!!

  4. We crafters come up with the most useful things don't we? We can always find a solution and you found a great one! I hate the store bought mesh bags for delicates, the holes are too big and always getting caught on something.

    1. Thanks Trudy, this bag is working well so I am pleased. I do like something for nothing!

  5. Love the bag so useful for those 'items' that disappear in the machine. Never tried peds but look good as like you always find the socklets things work their way down and are uncomfortable

    1. Some of the socklets are just ridiculous though aren't they? You find you haven't even left the house and they are sliding towards your toes! These ones are a game changer for me anyway.

  6. How clever Julie to make them your laundry bag of net curtains!

  7. What a great idea as always! Yes, I need a wash bag for my peds liners too.

  8. I need to make one of these for my bras they always end up getting wrapped around everything else. Good idea.

  9. It is a very clever idea ideal for socks and tiny underwear!Thank you for sharing at Sweet Inspiration Link Party

  10. I knew I could count on you to give me a good laugh Julie. You have no idea how many lonely sockettes we have in our house. They may all be white but that is all they have in common. One is ribbed, the other is smooth, the other has a strange way design on it. and so on. So they are all lonely. This would be a great way to solve the problem of loosing your sock soul mate.


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