Sunday, 29 October 2017

Handmade Monday #49

Hi, welcome to another Handmade Monday link up. 
Handmade Monday is our weekly craft link up, a chance to share our makes, bakes and other handmade craft ideas and find some new inspiration.

How was your week? Did the UK folks all remember to change the clocks on Saturday night/Sunday morning? I've only just thought to do the oven & microwave clocks now but that's because no one really looks at them anyway! 
We went to a Halloween fancy dress party at the weekend. I like to put costumes together from the Charity shop instead of buying ready made, but the risk is always no one will know who/what you are supposed to be.

Now let's look at the features from last weeks Handmade Monday:
When I was little I LOVED a good twirly skirt, something that would fly out when you spun, and I'm sure I'm not alone! Pam from Threading My Way has a brilliant pattern/tutorial to make one.

Coloured Buttons shared this cute pumpkin trick or treat bag - there's just time to make one if you hurry! 
I like the idea of having a nice bag to take out every year. My kids decorated gift bags with cut out paper shapes one year and then went on to use them for the next 6 or 7 years. They did need some sellotape repairs from time to time! It would have been nice to make them something like this. 

This needle case from The Crafty Creek is just exquisite. Wow, wow and wow again. 
It was done as a Stitch Along from Faby Reilly and all the links etc that you need are in the post. I'm so tempted even though I know I don't really have time. 

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Sum of their Stories
Sum of their Stories

Hello, I'm Julie. I love making things and this is where I share my enthusiasm.


  1. It is always a pleasure to link up with you. Thank you for all you do to bring bloggers together. I invite you to join me at #OverTheMoon, #WonderfulWednesday and #ThursdayFavoriteThings. Have a great week!

  2. Thanks for featuring my trick or treat bag. I loved the story about how your kids decorated a gift bag with paper shapes and used them for years after. It's so amazing the difference to kids when they make something themselves!!

    1. My pleasure Trixi, we were always very much a waste not want not kind of family, we tend to push it a little too far sometimes and maybe keep things for longer than we should! That said kids really do seem to like the ritual of bringing out the same things for holidays each year, there is something to be said for continuity.

  3. Thanks for featuring my skirt, Julie. Off to check out the beautiful needle case.

    1. My pleasure Pam, the needle case is just amazing isn't it?

  4. Well I love your scooby doo outfit. I also liked the link to the tiered skirt which I have pinned. Jo x

    1. Phew, you can tell who I'm supposed to be!
      Pam's tutorials are brilliant, her web site is such a wealth of ideas for sewers.

  5. Thank you for featuring my stitching wallet, I shall add the button with pride to my side bar :-)

  6. Thank you Julie for your 49th Handmade Monday. I added the pumpkins my son and grandson made for Halloween, a sweet yearly ritual that we all love.

  7. Loved that I linked up with you, Julie. Thank you. We will do it again!


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