Patchwork Gift Box

Here is a fun and easy way to make a gift box using scraps of patterned paper.

Papercraft patchwork gift box
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One of my lovely nieces is very creative and loves making things. I hoard crafty bits and pieces, and wanted to give her some of my stash, knowing she would be able to put it to good use. I needed something to put the bits in so I found a sturdy little cardboard box that a watch had come in.

What you need to create your own patchwork gift box:

  • A sturdy old box

  • Scraps of patterned paper

  • Mod Podge or PVA

  • A brush

This is a great way to use those sturdy boxes that you get and don’t know what to do with except you know they are just a bit too good to throw them away! Phones, electronics, perfume, fancy soaps, beautiful scented candles etc all seem to come in nice ‘too good to throw away’ boxes don’t they?

watch box.jpg

You can't tell from the photo but it was covered in a shiny paper. I wanted to pretty it up and didn't think anything would stick to the shininess so I just pulled off all the shiny paper covering. Only the lid, I left the base of the box plain and so didn’t need to touch it. If your box is not shiny then you probably don’t need to remove anything.

shiny paper gone.jpg

Then I just Mod Podged (I think any PVA would work though) on a load of those tiny scrappy bits of scrapbook paper that I can never bear to throw away. Overlap the scraps in any way you like, just apply a layer of the glue underneath and then again over the top. Keep adding bits until the box is completely covered.

decoupage gift box idea

Then I added a few punched out shapes (just because CLEARLY it wasn't fancy enough already!) and a final layer of Mod Podge to seal it all in.

decoupage gift box tutorial

Leave it all to dry thoroughly, and then your gift box is ready to use.

paper scraps gift box

All this box needed was to be filled with a load of little crafty goodies.

whats inside.jpg
Patchwork decoupage gift box
upcycled gift box idea

It was a great way to upcycle a sturdy box, use up some scrappy little bits and pieces of paper that I hate to just throw away and it was fun to fill with little bits and pieces that I knew my niece would love.

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