Using Sketches for Card Making

Using sketches for card making

If you like making lots of greeting cards or have a lot to make in a short time it can be hard to keep thinking up new designs and ideas. That's why lots of card makers use sketches and then just tweek them to make unique cards.

So I thought I'd try, with some papers that came with a craft magazine, making a pretty card and a not so pretty card using the same basic layout or sketch just to see how completely different they can turn out.  

These were my quick sketches:

using sketches for card making 

And this is what I made:

cards from sketches

See what I mean, apart from the circle with the message on the left card they are the same. That means only one lot of creative thinking for two cards!

using sketches to make cards
using sketches for card making
bunting cards

Actually this last one is not the same sketch but it is the same basic idea - circles of paper folded over bakers twine to make mini bunting. I'm just sharing them because they are cute!

I nearly called this post Boy Cards v Girl Cards but then stopped myself as that would be horribly old fashioned and sexist wouldn't it?! 

Of course the other thing you can do for card ideas and designs is have a little peek at Pinterest - there must be a kabillion on there! I have a few on my Card Ideas board to get you started.


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