Mini Bunting Card

Make a fabric stash busting greeting card with a sweet mini bunting message.

Mini Bunting Card
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I was lucky enough to win a beautiful book from a fab giveaway over on Cut out and Keep recently.

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As soon as it arrived I was itching to try out one of the projects. I needed a special card for someone whose birthday I'd missed (a quick text on the day is one thing, but when you miss the date by a week I think the card needs to be something special to make up for it!) so the Mini Bunting Card idea really caught my eye.


This is a photo of the project in the Banners, Buntings, Garlands and Pennants Book

This is a great idea for fabric stash busting, you can use up the smallest of scraps.

I varied my card just a little bit from the one in the book in a few places, just to use what I already had.

To make a Mini Bunting Card you need:

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  • Fabric Scraps

  • Alphabet stamps - I couldn’t find a link to the ones I had but something like this is similar

  • Some sort of permanent ink - Again, I couldn’t find a link to the one I had but something like this is ideal

  • Thread

  • Sewing Machine

  • A blank card

Cut out triangles of fabric of a size to suit your letter stamps. The book has a template to enlarge on a photocopier but it is just a simple triangle and you can vary the size to fit your letters. I cut mine out with the pinking shears because I thought it would be cute.

How many you need will depend on what message you want to send, but remember to include blank triangles between words and at either end.

pile of cut out bunting.jpg

Stamp the letters onto the fabric triangles.

print letter.jpg

This worked so much better than I thought it would. I did choose fabric without too much texture or pattern. Just make sure you remove any fluff before you stamp or your letters will look patchy.

bunting ready to sew.jpg

Lay out your message, (cut more triangles if you have miscounted!) You can see I didn't stamp on the more patterned triangles but used them as word spaces instead.

Then you just stitch across the top of each triangle with the sewing machine, leaving a long tail at either end. It's quite difficult to photograph as it is long and thin, but you get the idea.

bunting collage.jpg

Then you just wrap it round the card - write your message inside first! - and attach with a little bit of washi tape.

finished card.jpg

Because the card is left plain when the recipient unwinds their super cute bunting, I added a very quick doodle bunting to the card first. You could spend longer and do something a little bit more spectacular.

bunting doodle on card.jpg

Once it's all wound round it is a bit of a squeeze to get into the envelope, another time I would maybe trim 1/2 cm or so from the blank card before I started to make it a bit easier.

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My gorgeous book prize is Banner, Buntings, Garland & Pennants by Kathy Sheldon and Amanda Carestio, published by Larkcrafts. It's so packed with beautiful projects I really want to make them all! So many varied ideas for different types of bunting and garlands and so many different ways to use them.

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