Handmade Monday #72

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Welcome everyone to Handmade Monday. This is where we get to share what we've been up to all week, a great chance to share your makes, bakes and all your adventures in the world of crafts.

How has your week been? Saturday was National Tea Day here in the Uk apparently - who makes up these things? Anyway, I'm a big tea fan so here's a random photo of my most favourite tea pot. It originally belonged to my Nan and Granddad. My Nan chose it when she and my Granddad were celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary, everyone in the family bought a different bit for them and they ended up with a full service. I am lucky enough to have it now although we don't actually use it very often. 

My Nan adored this tea service, none of this "keeping it for best". She used it everyday and I kind of like that.

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Here are the features from last week's Handmade Monday.

Little Kimono shared how to make this lovely felt lavender, so so pretty.

Teodora Paintings made over a display cabinet, I especially love the chalkboard door fronts. 

Paulette's Papers turned a page of lovely watercolour roses into 3 beautiful cards. I must get my watercolours out and have a go at this technique, it's so, so pretty.

Congratulations to you all. there is a "YAY I was featured" button for your blog over here if you want to show off just a little (I think you should!) 

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