Handmade Monday #116

Handmade Monday craft link up

Hi folks, wishing you a very warm welcome to Handmade Monday #115. Handmade Monday is a link up where you can share your craft projects and ideas or just poke around and see what other craft minding people have been up to. We like to see your new projects but feel free to share an oldie too, especially if it’s something you’ve not shared here before.

This week one of the quick crafting projects I did was to finish the little tiger that was the kit from this month’s Mollie Makes Magazine. It was supposed to be a keyring but I didn’t need a keyring so I popped some lavender in mine so it smells sweet too. I know I’m always banging on about Mollie Makes Magazine (well I share the things I make from it quite regularly) but it is just such a lovely magazine and having it drop through my letter box on subscription each month is the Birthday present that lasts all year! I do have an affiliate link available now just incase you want to subscribe yourself here.


Let’s take a little look at the features from last week’s Handmade Monday now. Please click on the photos to go through to the original posts if you want to pin any of these ideas.

These shell garden ornaments from The Crafty Gardener really caught my eye. Thoughts of being able to get out and enjoy the garden again over the coming months is very inspiring!

Paula from Sweet Pea inherited some fabulous old magazines and turned them into a really interesting and unique piece of art. A brilliant repurposing project.

Linda from Paper Seedings used a faux shaving foam technique to make this fun Balloons card. I confess I’d never even heard of the older non faux shaving foam technique so I’ve been doing some googling and I’m intrigued! I’m adding both these techniques to my ‘to do’ list.

Congratulations to you all. there is a "YAY I was featured" button over here if you want to add one to your blog :-)


Did you know we have a Handmade Monday facebook group. It’s not a massively overactive group, I let the group each week when the link up goes live and if I come across anything I think might be useful or interesting for my fellow Handmade Mondayers I’ll share that too. It would be nice for it to be a little bit more active, maybe if other members felt able to share things they came across that would help the others to it could be a more helpful to us all? Anyway if you are not already a member do send me a request, you can find the group here.

Handmade Monday is all about building a crafting community,  we most definitely are better together, so please do take a moment to visit some of the other projects linked up this week. Share some of your favourites on your social media maybe and leave a nice comment or two.

 Let's support one another  ^_^

The rules for Handmade Monday are very simple:

  • Did you make it? Yes - then hooray, we'd love to see it

  • Add the link to a specific post, not your main blog url

  • You can link up to 3 posts each week but try to make sure it's not stuff you've shared here before

  • Mingle - visit some other links - comment - share

If you are not sure of anything more details can be found here