Handmade Monday #278


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How is life treating you these days? I’m not going to lie, the news is pretty depressing at the moment isn’t it? Feels like all over the world people are making crazy decisions that affect others. We have this cross stitch sampler hanging by our side door so I see it every time I leave the house and I’m reminded to hold on as much as I can to the good stuff. To be fair there is plenty of good stuff too, it just gets a bit drowned out by the rubbish sometimes doesn’t it? I’m not especially religious but my mum was and this was one of her favourite verses. I made this sampler for her way back as you can see by the date. The design chart is available here on the blog if you need a reminder too!

One fun thing I did do this week was a trip to the pictures to see the new Downton Abbey film (I’ve actually been twice now, once with friends and once with my husband who loves Downton!) I have a few issues with a few bits of it but generally I really enjoyed it for what it is; fun escapism, beautiful to look at, sweet and funny. I just love the costumes too, Lady Edith just has the most amazing wardrobe!

We also had such a fun evening watching Eurovision on Saturday. People of Europe will know what fun it is. Do people in other parts of the world get to see it at all or even have any idea what I’m talking about? I think I can confidently speak for all us Brits when I say we are both thrilled and surprised that our entry did so well but we are all pleased that Ukraine came first of course.

I’m still plugging away at Me Made May over on Instagram, wearing at least one handmade thing everyday and sharing it on my stories. I’ve never shown my face on Insta so much! It’s fun to be a bit limited on what I wear each day and it’s really helping me see what I might like to make for myself next, maybe I need to channel my inner Lady Edith and make something glamorous!

Ok, enough of my ramblings! Now let’s take a peek at the features from last week’s Handmade Monday. Click through on the photos to see the original posts.

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Steph Creates has made this sweet picket fence decoration with pretty paper napkins.

Don’t you just love this multi compartment tray from Hello Sewing? Helen filled hers with sewing bits and pieces but it could be used for so many thing.

Tina from The Maple Stone Home has taken some old candle sticks and given them a whole new look. Honestly they are unrecognisable!

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