Handmade Monday #340


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The flowers and leaves I put in a heavy book to press were ready this week, just in time for the upcycling project I had planned for the Sustainable Craft Challenge. More on that on Tuesday - what a woman of mystery I am!! :-D

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Confession time - I am a big Star Wars fan. It honestly doesn’t matter what they do with the various newer films and tv shows, I’m always gonna watch them with my nostalgia googles on and find something to love! I think it’s all down to the fact I was 7 when the first one came out and it was my first memorable cinema experiences. With that in mind I absolutely love these light sabre candy wrappers from DIY Party Mom.

Wendy from WM Design House has created these gorgeous faux pottery pumpkins from foam one. I had a bit of a “lost in translation” moment with these for a moment and had to do some googling. Foam here in the UK is just used to describe that soft squishy sheet stuff used in upholstery, these pumpkins are definitely not made of THAT! From the photos and my quick bit of research I think these pumpkins are made from what we call polystyrene.

Petra from Strickwahn (Knitting Madness) shared this beautiful crochet bag with full instructions.

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