How to make a Pillow Pouch from Cardboard Tubes

Part 4 of my recycled gift wrapping collection - how to make a pillow pouch from a cardboard tube.

Cardboard tube to pillow pouch

Before we start I just want to say that I have read some people's comments on crafts made from toilet roll tubes. Fears about it being unhygienic in some way. I don't really get this because I'm not sure what people are doing with their toilet roll tubes that make them germ ridden. However if this is a concern for you just use kitchen roll tube - problem solved!

First squish your tube flat.

squashed tube.jpg

Mark a half circle at the ends. You will need to find something to draw round (I used a little ramekin dish) Then "draw" round it using a ball ended scoring tool (is that what it's called?) The photos will explain!

mark the ends.jpg
mark the ends 2.jpg

If you don't have one of theses fancy tools just use a skewer, edge of the scissors, pencil where the lead is broken, a pop up biro that's not popped up - something like that. Anything that will make a ridge in the card but not a mark.

mark the ends 3.jpg

Fold these ends in by gently pushing them, use your fingers to pinch the edge to neaten.

fold ends in.jpg

It should look something like this - all ready for decorating.

ready to decorate.jpg

You can decorate them however you like.

I wrapped a couple of paper strips round.

paper to decorate.jpg
decoated pillow pouch.jpg

And then tied a little gift tag from my "old bits from Cards" stash to finish off.

Pillow pouch gift box from cardboard tube

Perfect for little gifts, jewellery, sweets, cufflinks etc.


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