Dictionary Page Card

dictionary page card
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I missed the birthday of a friend the other day so I wanted to make a card that was a little bit different to make it up to her.

At the same time my daughter was having a big clear out of her room and was throwing out her old school pocket dictionary. It was a bit damaged so not suitable for the charity shop but perfect for some papercrafting. I had seen this lovely Rob Ryan cut on pinterest and thought I could try a simple "inspired by" version.

The dictionary is pretty small, the pages are just 4.5" x 3". They are not a great quality paper either which meant I needed to make the paper cutting really basic or risk it tearing. 

So I ripped a page out of the dictionary with "sorry" on it.

dictionary page 1a.jpg

Then I wrote my message on it in pencil.

dictionary page 2a.jpg

Then cut it out with my Xacto craft knife. Like I said, I had to be careful as the paper is not much better than newsprint but it was not complicated so only took a few minutes.

paper cut on dictionary page

I added a few hearts and flowers too.

cut out close up.jpg

See how the arrow points to the "sorry".

dictionary page card

Then I just stuck it to a 5" square card.

card inside.jpg

I finished it off by sticking the hearts I'd cut out on the inside.

I like this idea so much I've done a few more pages to make into more cards.

dictionary paper cuts
birthday dictionary papercut

Some words are in awkward places on the page so I've not been able to do all the greetings I had in mind but it is fun to try to think of a good way to write a message.

birthday wishes 3.jpg
birthday wishes 4.jpg
birthday wishes.jpg

A bigger dictionary would give more scope for more similar projects, maybe even a picture, so I'll be keeping my eyes open at charity shops for a while. I've also found an old Thesaurus which I've been able to use to make a few more of these cards with.

I have a few of these cards listed in my Etsy Shop if you don't fancy making them yourself. 

Whilst I was in a "papercut-y" mood I also had a little go at this cute little person that I had seen by Priyam from Simple Joys ages ago.

little papercut man

How cute is that? I don't know what to do with him now, he was just another "I made it just to see if I could" thing really! Priyam didn't give any instructions as he is pretty self explanatory, I did find I had to make his legs a lot longer than I thought I would so he could hug his knees. I also learnt the hard way that light pencil lines are a good idea because you can see the back of the paper when he sits up!

little person 2.jpg

This shows how big my guy is. His hands are held together with just a tiny dob of glue. Thank you Priyam for the fun idea.

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