Floral Magazine Upcycled Cards

Floral magazine recycled cards
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This is the simplest of simple ideas, I'm almost embarrassed to share it, it's so simple! 

However I AM sharing it, but only because I think it turned out pretty cute!

It is such an inexpensive and easy way to make a pretty card when you want to send something special to someone but are a little short on time. 

To make these easy floral magazine upcycle cards you will need:

  • Old Magazines - gardening ones are good but most home or fashion magazines will have something you can use

  • Card Blanks - buy them ready made or make your own from bright card

  • Paper Glue - I use Pritt stick

  • Sharp scissors or a craft knife

what you need 2.png

As you can see, my card blanks were tiny and cute. They are 7.5cm (3") square and were in a bag with a load of other craft bits and pieces given to me by a friend a while ago. One of the good things about people knowing you 'make stuff' is that they often give me bits and pieces when they are having a turn out. Your cards can be any size you like.

Flick through your magazines and pull out any pages with suitable images, you are looking for flowers.

Now cut out the flowers, I liked the full flower face on type images, but you can go with anything that takes your fancy. Use scissors or a craft knife, whichever you find easiest. Try to follow the edge of the petals but you can use your artistic licence a little if it's very frilly. 

Glue the flowers to the card.

glue on .jpg

Trim off any overlap and you're done! Seriously, that's it! Aren't they cute? 

There is something I really like about the mix of the plain bright background and the clear, large photo image. 

simple little cards made from old magazines

See what I mean about being embarrasingly simple though?

cards made with old magazine images
Recycled magazine cards

This idea came about as a follow on to my Gift Box Update idea from about a year ago, I got carried away back then and had cut a whole bunch of flowers out from some old gardening magazines. I kept them in an envelope so when I needed a  quick card a week or so ago, they came in really handy. 

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