Flowery Letter Birthday Card

Flowery letter birthday card

This is my last post (for now anyway) about the contents of my Crafty What Nots box. You can read all about the box, what's in it and how to get one here.

Surely anyone who enjoys any sort papercraft is bound to have a whole heap of little bits. Too good to throw away but kind of tiny to make anything with. I had these sort of bits left.

off cuts.jpg

It's my niece Anya's Birthday soon so I thought I could get all ahead of myself and make a pretty card for her with her initial.

I used:

  • a 6" square card blank
  • A piece of scrap cardboard about 6" square - not too thick
  • Scraps of pretty paper
  • Foam pads
  • Bakers twine
  • 2 buttons
  • 2 die cut paper flowers 

Everything except the card blank was from the Craft What Nots box

First I drew a big chunky A on the scrap cardboard


Then I held it up to the window and drew it on the back of the card as well. This just made it easier to cut out later.

Then I just started glueing paper strips over my A.

floral birthday card

When I finished it looked like this.

A covered in stripes.jpg

I turned it over and cut it out with scissors.

cut out letter reverse.jpg
cut out letter.jpg

When I got to this point I had to switch and use my craft knife to finish off.

use craft knife.jpg

I attached it to the card blank with the foam pads. Then I tied a length of bakers twine round the card and threaded buttons on each end.

add buttons to card tie

I slid the pink button up so they hang at different lengths and then trimmed the twine off close and fixed it with a blob of pva.

glue button thread.jpg

I fixed the two dies cut flowers to the buttons whilst the pva was still wet.

flower button embelishment 

Ta Dah!

Flowery letter birthday card
Floral initial birthday card

Easy, pretty and it's another one of those "options are almost endless" ideas. Any sort of different papers would give a totally different effect. Most of all though I love saving those scrappy bits from the bin.


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