Chocolate Fudge Dip

Chocolate Fudge Dip
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This is such a nice, easy, healthy(ish) dessert for a special occasion.

My kids don't like Christmas pudding so every Christmas I would try to find them an alternative, something a bit fancy but fairly light after all that dinner.

We tried a few different things but then about 10 years ago we had Chocolate fondue and haven't looked back.

For basic Chocolate fondue you just gently melt some cheap and cheerful chocolate in a bowl in the microwave with a splash of milk. Add the milk before you start warming or it goes all funny. Stir till it's all smooth and Voilà! Easy Peasy, serve with cut up fruit so you feel like a good parent, giving your kids healthy food.

We've had this basic "just chocolate" version for special occasions for years, the fruit varies according to what's available but the melted chocolate bit has always been the same. Nothing wrong with melted Chocolate but I fancied a change.

I found this recipe for Hot Fudge Sauce on 2 Kids and Tired Cooks I thought I might have found a tasty alternative.

I'm in the UK and so sometimes have a little confusion with quantities. I have a set of cups so that's all fine and dandy but what is a cube of butter? The internet gives different answers depending on who you ask! How big are cans over there? They come in all different sizes here! All very confusing. 

Anyhow, I had a go, added what I had/what I thought, tweaked it a little here and there and made this:

Chocolate fudge dip with fresh fruit

Oh my giddy aunt, it is delicious! 

Chocolate Fudge Dip

(easy to print version here)

Makes 2 dessert sizes bowls for sharing in the middle of a fruit platter or 6 little ramekin sizes individual portions as photographed.

  • 4 oz Butter (that's 1/2 a cup or 115g)

  • 12 oz or 1.5 cups Sugar or 340g (I used caster sugar which is somewhere between granulated and icing)

  • 1 small tin evaporated milk (170g which is just over 1/2 cup)

  • 4 oz inexpensive chocolate (that's 2/3 cup or 115g)

Melt all the ingredients in a microwave (don't overheat or the chocolate goes weird) and stir well till smooth.

Easy as that! You can serve it hot or cold with fresh fruit like we did here, or pour it like a sauce over a sponge pudding (not quite so healthy)

Holly from 2 Kids and Tired Cooks has updated her recipe to show the quantities more clearly for us "across the pond", turns out her version is more evaporated milk and sugar and less chocolate.

I think you should try both and see which you prefer! Or try your own version, imagine this with a slosh of liquor (for the grown ups only) or maybe a little coffee essence, or mint? Not both obviously, I'm thinking one or the other! 

Chocolate Fudge Dip with fresh fruit

For a posh meal I like to serve this is individual ramekin dishes, but if you are having a family party them a bowl in the centre of a sharing platter with all your fruit around the edge can look really nice and is a lot of fun for everyone to tuck into, something like a chip and dip plate is ideal. It can get messy that way but that is part of the fun!


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