2nd Blogiversary

I can't believe another year has gone already.

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Today is my 2nd Blogiversary - well that went quick!

In this last year there have been a few changes:

I've become a contributor on The Pinning Mama. That has been a fabulous experience, the lovely Kimber (the Pinning Mama) is so generous with her experience and expertise and I've thoroughly enjoyed sharing just a few of my ideas with her readers.


I finally took the plunge and joined instagram. Turns out it's not just for celebrity selfies! It's fast becoming one of my favourite social medias, it's so easy to lose yourself on their for 15 minutes. (who am I kidding, more like an hour!) 

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I've been a regular participant in the Pinterest Challenge, where a group of craft bloggers share something they've made inspired by something they saw on Pinterest once a month. I love this sort of collaborative thing, other craft bloggers are so inspiring.


I've tweaked rather than changed my blog layout. I know lots of people regularly change their look but I'm really loathe to change my header, it was the first thing I did in preparation for starting the blog and it still says everything I want to about Sum of their Stories. I also get compliments about it and that's always nice! One person who was especially generous in giving their advice on achieving some things I have tweaked was the lovely Jennifer from The Life of Jennifer Dawn. Thanks Jennifer x

Most things are exactly the same though. I'm just sharing the projects that I've enjoyed doing and hope you might feel inspired enough to try making something yourself. Thanks for stopping by!

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