Tiny Yellow Table Makeover

This is my first foray into the world of painting furniture.

Tiny Yellow table makeover

I pin lots of amazing furniture transformations but get a bit overwhelmed with the vast array of paints people use: milk, chalk, latex, oil based, eggshell..... then there is wax and varnish and sealer.... I'm also pinning hints and tips whenever I come across them! I would love to get to grips with it all as I have a few pieces that REALLY need an update.

For now though, I am really happy with this little transformation. 

A friend at work was getting rid of a lot of furniture as they moved house and downsized dramatically. She gave me this little pale yellow table. I guess it's an end table, I'm not sure what else to call it. It's a foot square and happened to be exactly the right size for an awkward little space in our hall.

yellow table before.jpg

Perfect height and size but not really the look I was going for. I had the original owners permission - "It's your table now so you can do what you like with it." 

It is not wood, it's a sort of coated MDF material so I thought spray paint would not be inappropriate.

I took off the little scroll bits at the top of the legs, They were just decorative and popped off really easily when I prised then with a screwdriver. 

I then lightly sanded the whole thing and gave it several coats of yellow spray paint.

yellow spray paint.jpg

This one is just an inexpensive multi-purpose gloss paint from B&Q (a massive UK DIY chain) I can't say how many coats as I kind of did it in stages, giving it time to dry then turning it over to do another section. I guess each bit got at least 3 coats in the end.

Tiny yellow table makeover

The finished table is exactly what I was hoping for, bright, modern and a nice splash of colour in a room which is just a white box otherwise.

Small table makeover

The plant is a Prayer Plant and it sort of folds itself up once it gets dark which is pretty cool. It likes a shady spot according to the label and this little corner is bright but not in any direct sunlight so hopefully it will be happy here.

Tiny yellow Table makeover

We had a simple dark wood framed IKEA mirror from the old house in the hall hanging by the front door.

old frame.jpg

The mirror was sealed into the frame so I couldn't just take it out to paint. I just covered the mirror over with sheets of scrap paper and decorators tape then gave it several coats of the same spray paint.

yellow spray painted mirror frame

Now we just need a new yellow door mat, to paint the old coat stand to match and some art for wall with touches of yellow... why is it sometimes getting a job done creates a load more jobs to do?

For a first furniture makeover I'm really pleased. The yellow is soft but bright and I don't feel like I've wrecked a beautiful antique with a can of spray paint!


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