My Lettering and Doodle Adventure

Anyone who follows me on instagram will have noticed I've been taking part in a Lettering and Doodle Challenge this September.

Real not perfect handlettering

I have had way more fun than I thought I would and have produced little doodles and lettering that are much better than I thought I would ever be able to do. The challenge was set by the lovely (and super talented) Dawn Nicole. I've been a big fan of her beautiful handlettered work for some time so when I saw her instagram challenge with it's daily word prompts for either a doodle or lettering it seemed like a fun thing to join.

doodle leaf

I didn't manage every day, but I kind of knew that would be impossible before I started and am pretty pleased with the 19 out of 30 that I did.

letter art and doodles

Half way through the month Dawn started a Facebook group too where she gives us hint, tips, lessons and homework as well as links to resources and loads more. Check out Dawn's facebook page for more details.

I haven't rushed out and bought any special equipment (yet!) This is what I used through the month.

letter art and doodles

I used the thinner supermarket sketch book for my "sketches and ideas" phase then did most of my "proper" versions on the better quality drawing paper. For some though, I just used the thinner paper, usually when the initial sketch was turning out ok and I had no time for a do-over! 

Most of the lines were either with the Stabillo fine liner pens or the ultra fine or fine Sharpies. 

The most expensive thing in my collection are the lovely ProMarker coloured pens which I used for this "Circles" doodle,

letter art and doodles

 and this "Wild and Free" lettering 

letter art and doodles

I was given them about 3 years ago and they are still going strong and blend beautifully. They do also bleed through all the papers I've tried them on, but you win some you loose some! 

I'll just treat you to a special close up of my awesome eraser. I think a new one is long overdue, but this one does rub out pretty well without leaving streaks or marks on the page.


Dawn has recommended a good brand so I'm going to check that out.

Most of my (almost) daily doodles were several to a page.

letter art and doodles

I had issues with my first version of the "Steam Punk Cogs" doodle - and on the good paper too :-(

letter art and doodles

I have turned some of my doodles into greeting cards, and the "Teacups" doodle which was Day 1 I've mounted on card, laminated and it's hanging on the kitchen wall as part of my ever growing but not yet finished gallery wall.

letter art and doodles

Some days I sketched a few ideas last thing at night, other times I did 3 or 4 at the same time in advance when I had a minute. It was really therapeutic to just switch off from everything for a short time and loose myself in a little light doodling.

The instagram participants are super supportive, lots of people dipping in and out as they can, no pressure. Lots of different ages and levels of experience from all over the world, all just enjoying sharing their arty endeavours.

The October prompts are ready now if you fancy joining in. I don't think I'll have time to participate as much this month but I will certainly be dipping in now and again. I'd love to be able to do beautiful lettering of my favourite quotes to put up on the wall, or turn into cards - practice, practice!