Easy Paper Serviette Poinsettias

These pretty poinsettias are so easy to make from red paper serviettes or napkins.

Easy paper serviette poinsettias.jpg

I'm over at The Pinning Mama again today with a simple tutorial showing how to make pretty poinsettias from paper serviettes. I have no idea why I always seem to choose a project to share on The Pinning Mama which involves a transatlantic translation issue! Serviettes or Napkins - what do you call them where you are? I've always called them serviettes, I think a napkin is a very fancy damask thing you'd find in an episode of Downton Abbey! I gather though that, for all my US friends, these paper party thingumajigs are known as napkins.

Luckily the poinsettias are easier to make than the vocabulary is to work out.

Update: You can find the full tutorial to make these paper napkin poinsettias here at Sum of their Stories.