Paper Serviette Poinsettias

It's quick and easy to turn red paper serviettes or napkins into pretty poinsettias to use in your decorating this Christmas.

easy paper serviette poinsettias

This tutorial is one I originally shared over on The Pinning Mama last year as a guest contributor and now it's that time of the year again I thought it was high time I shared it here too.

I had a bit of a debate last year as to whether they are serviettes or napkins. I think it's a transatlantic thing. I've always called them serviettes, for me a napkin is a beautifully starched white damask cloth thing that you would have in a fancy restaurant. Potato per-tar-toe, it doesn't matter what you call them! If you are anything like me you buy a packet for a party and inevitably have just a few left over. We have a collection of part used packs of various colours and patterns so this was a great way to use up a few.

To make paper poinsettias you will need:

what you need.jpg

How to make a paper napkin poinsettia

First you need to fold and cut the serviette:

1: Open out 1 quarter, leaving the fold at the top

2: Fold the bottom open edge up to the fold

3: Fold in half 

napkin fold.jpg

4: Fold in half again, then turn so the corner that is all flaps is nearest to you and the corner that is all folds is furthest away

5: Cut from the 'flappy' corner towards the 'folds' corner stopping about 1 inch from the corner

6: Cut petal shapes on each side

flappy corner.jpg
folds corner.jpg

Next we are going to assemble the poinsettia. 

1: Open it all out and you should have 4 flowers

2: Using a little dob of paper glue to hold them, layer the flowers up

3: As you layer them, arrange them so the petals are offset, to give a nice full flower with no gaps

construct flowers.jpg

Now the bit where you need to work quickly, so have everything ready and to hand.

4: Hold the flower in one hand and put a blob of hot glue in the centre

5: Quickly pinch the centre to bunch the petals

6: This is just what it looks like from the back

Turn it over and pop something on the centre ideally whilst the glue is still soft.

paper serviette poinsettia

Don't worry if you miss your chance and the glue has set, you can always add just a little more glue if needed. What you cannot do is unstick them. The hot glue is powerful stuff that does not let go of paper serviettes once it has it in it's grip. If you try, it will rip and you will feel bad. Why would you do that to yourself? Why?

It's a bit like pancakes, accept that the first one might not turn out great and just have another go, you'll soon get the hang of them.

I found I got quicker the more I made, I had a bit of a production line going, with all the folding and cutting first and the 'glue pinch and centre' next. Deciding what the centre was going to be and having it right there next to you to grab as soon as you've pinched helps to speed the process up too.

different centres.jpg

I experimented with a few different centres - buttons, beads and sequins. I think glitter might work too.

The poinsettias come out almost the same size as the original folded serviettes.

size with napkin.jpg

You can always trim your serviette down to make smaller poinsettias if you want, just make sure you trim from the edge not the folded side or you'll just end up with a pile of tiny scraps instead of flowers! Or you could just trim more away when you cut the petals smaller I suppose.

How to use your paper napkin poinsettias

Last year we used these for our Christmas gift wrapping, I attached the poinsettias to the gift with another blob of hot glue.

poinsettia made from a red paper napkin

The poinsettias were for the ladies, kids and the blokes had something else, you can find more on that here

They could be nice on a wreath (indoor only!), part of a table centrepiece or maybe with a name tag as a place setting.

How would you use these paper serviette poinsettias? 


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