Knitting Needle Case

Stitch a cute pouch to keep all your knitting needles safe and tidy.

knitting needle case

Here is another Sewing my Stash project. My daughter needed a new case for her lovely set of bright larger size knitting needles after I inadvertently gave away her old one. It was a bit tatty and not very well made but still, I felt responsible (mainly because I was) so I needed to make a new and nicer one.

I found a very clear step by step photo tutorial (my favourite kind) on Crazy Little Projects to make this "Diaper and Wipes Case".


I started by making a straightforward version following the instructions from Amber at Crazy Little Projects using fabric from my stash. A friend recently had a beautiful baby daughter so I gave her the finished case. I added wipes but as you can see the case is plenty big enough for nappies (diapers!) and maybe nappy sacks and a spare vest as well. 

diaper pouch.jpg
nappy pouch.jpg

The black velcro is a little bit clumsy but I couldn't find any white until I'd finished, then I found a whole packet! This patterned fabric has a bit of family history which I will share another time. I was really happy with how it looks with the bright pink lining. Sewing my stash success!

Then I realised this pattern could be easily adapted to pretty much any size and thought maybe this was my chance to make a lovely new case for my daughter's knitting needles. The fabric I used is not strictly speaking from my stash, one of the kids gave me a bundle of fat quarters for Mother's day (top present - well done darling!) Technically though the new fabric was added to my stash and then taken out to use - does that count?

I cut my fabric based on the same basic pattern shape as the original Diaper and Wipes Case from Crazy Little Projects but made it longer and thinner and without rounding the bottom edge.

pattern 1.jpg

Cut 2 of each shape and then the method to make it is identical (I'm not repeating it all here, the photo tutorial at Crazy little Projects is very easy to follow) until the very last step, when I added a loop of ribbon in the end seam of the top flap before top stitching. 

loop fastening.jpg

Then I added a button on the front, this was a little bit fiddly as the case is pretty thin but manageable.

end of knitting needle case.jpg

A button in the same place on the inside would make this completely reversible too, I haven't but you could. Because you cut two of each pattern piece, I used 2 fabrics and mixed them up so the outer and lining has one of each type of fabric.

simple knitting needle case
needle case.jpg

This basic pouch pattern could be adapted to almost any size. Do you have anything that you need to make a handy little pouch for?


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