Christmas Keepsake Cross Stitch Heart Design Update

Today I’m bringing you this year’s update for the Christmas Keepsake Cross Stitch Heart that I shared originally in 2020.

I created the design in 2020 after we’d all experienced such a bizarre year and I wanted to recognise that in some way with a Christmas tree ornament. Each year since I’ve had messages round about this time of year from organised cross stitchers asking for an annual update. You can find the 2022 chart here, 2021 chart here and the original 2020 chart here. I’m not entirely sure why you might want the older designs but maybe to make a set? Who knows? Anyway, they are yours if you want them!

Here is the updated chart for 2023. You can use it to make an ornament for your tree, or for a greeting card, or something else entirely. It’s shown in red here but of course you could stitch it up in any colour you’d like. Some people have tagged me on their Instagram showing how they stitched it on colourful fabric and reversed the image so they added stitches where there are none in the design, and left the chart stitch squares blank.

Here’s the black and white symbol chart, you can right click, copy and then paste to print at home.

And here is the chart in block colours in case you prefer working from this kind of chart.

Or you can download both charts here or by clicking the button below:

If you want to turn this cross stitch design into a Cross Stitch Heart Christmas tree ornament then check out this tutorial.

To give you an idea of size, if worked on a 14 count Aida it will be just under 2.5” x 1.75” (5.5cm x 4.75cm).

I have a set of Christmassy heart designs which are similar to this one, which I sell for a very inexpensively in my etsy shop as a digital download or as a printer paper chart if you like the idea of making Christmas cross stitch ornaments.

Enjoy your cross stitching and please do tag me in any social media shares if you do stitch up any of these designs. I love to see all the different versions of them that people do.