Cork & Fabric Keyring

A simple little keyring made with scraps of cork and fabric.

Cork and Fabric Keyring

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Yesterday I shared this cork passport holder I was able to make using the contents of the Craftiosity Craft Kit box I was sent. 

craftiosity cork passport holder.jpg

As I mentioned, and you can see in the photo, I had a little bit of the cork fabric left, enough to make a little key ring.

Cork Fabric Keyring tutorial

To make your own cork key ring you will need:

  • A scrap of cork fabric 16cm(6") x 2.5cm(1")

  • A piece of fabric 28cm(11") x 5.5cm(2.25")

  • A D ring and clip - mine was in my stash saved from an old lanyard, Amazon have something similar here

  • Quilting clips

Press a hem on each long side of the fabric and press with an iron. You want the fabric strip to measure 2.5cm - the same as the cork. As you can see in the photo I did one narrow hem and one wider one. I'm not sure why. You could make them even if you like! Press a small hem on one short end too.

turn hems.jpg

Place the cork strip onto the end of fabric strip, wrong sides together, holding with clips. Top stitch down one side, along the short end hem and back up with other side.

cork fabric key ring tutorial

Bring the fabric end up to just overlap the end of the cork and clip to hold in place.

turn fabric.jpg

Fold the cork end over so the cork is facing out forming a loop and the 2 cork ends are level. Slip the D ring onto the fabric end then loop the fabric back to cover the uncovered end of the cork. Wow this is difficult to put into words! Just look at the photos, I think that is much easier to work out!

turn ends.jpg

Now stitch a square to hold all this in place. This is asking a lot of your sewing machine so go slow and use the handle to turn the needle really slowly if you need to. You are aiming for something like this.

keyring ends.jpg

Trim off any loose threads and you are done.

Cork and fabric key ring tutorial

I love finding ways to use up little leftover scraps.

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