Christmas Ornament Recycling

Got an old broken Christmas bauble? Here's how you could turn it into an all year round decorative ball.

Christmas Ornament Upcycle
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What are these things called? Decorative balls, deco balls, ornamental spheres? I'm not sure but I know lots of people like to have a dish of them on the mantelpiece or side table.

We have a decorative dish with miscellaneous bits and pieces collected over the years so when one of our larger Christmas baubles had lost it's hanging bit, rather than just throwing it away, I gave it a little makeover so it can be on show all year round.

broken bauble.jpg

It was really simple, cost next to nothing and looks pretty.

To do the same you will need:

  • An old Christmas bauble or similar sphere (I guess you could splash out and buy a polystyrene ball at a push)

  • Mod Podge or PVA glue

  • A paper napkin/serviette

  • A paint brush

  • White paint

  • A cocktail stick or skewer

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Rip your paper serviette into pieces.

Stab the ornament with the cocktail stick to form a handle, then paint the whole thing with white paint and let it dry.

This give a nice base for the floral serviette, if you miss this step the colours from the old ornament can show through a bit.

painted white.jpg

Next apply a layer of Mod Podge and apply the pretty floral paper serviette pieces. 

As the serviette is very flimsy just dab it on, don't fuss it too much. Less is more here!

decoupage bauble.jpg

Finally cover with another layer of mod podge to seal and leave it to dry. I stabbed mine into my pin cushion as you can see.

Once it's dry remove the cocktail stick and you are ready to pop your new decorative ball/sphere on display.

finished upcycled ornament.jpg

Our bowl has an eclectic mix, some bits of pot pourri, shells, beads, a metal wire mandala relaxation thingy (that I bought in a street market in Saint Tropez in 1986 and thought was the coolest thing ever!) and a wooden egg that belonged to my nan. No idea what the wooden egg was for but I like it! 

ornament upcycle.jpg
Christmas ornament floral upcycle
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