4th year Blogiversary

Oh my word, it's Sum of their Stories' 4 year blogiversary this week. How is that even possible?

four years.png

It's got me reflecting on the changes that have happended around here in the last 12 months.

Sum of their Stories had a blog makeover from the lovely Linda from My Fairy Blogmother. I was lucky enough to win the makeover in a competition Linda ran back in March this year but she offers a quick and comprehensive service to both Blogger and Wordpress bloggers.

When I had the makeover I did keep my original blog header though, every time I think it needs an update someone leaves a message saying how much they like it and so it stays!

In November last year I took over the hosting of Handmade Monday from Victoria of Lucy Blossom Crafts. I hadn't really planned it but it ended up just happening somehow and after a very steep learning curve on how to host a linky I have to say, it is a lot of fun. 

handmade monday with url.jpg

The downside is I feel very responsible to make sure I write and schedule it in time so it goes up at 5pm Sunday UK time, glitch free. I also find it ridiculously difficult to pick features, most weeks I have at least 6 or 7 things I really, really love to choose from. Kind of 'Sophie's Choice" but not quite so dramatic!

The upside is I get to see loads of great an inspiring blogs every week, and have made some great bloggy friends. I've even been lucky enough to meet some in real life.

We have a Facebook group and a group Pinterest board and are trying to build a supportive and collaborative network where we share hints and tips, interesting things we've found as well as each others posts.

Do join us if you fancy it!

Being a blogger now feels like part of who I am, there is still so much to learn, things are always changing (social media algorithms I'm looking at you!) I always feel like I'm playing catch up. 

four fours.jpg

These last 4 years have flown by, here's to the next 4! Thanks so much for stopping by.

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