Inspired by - Clasp frame Purse

Today I've got another project I've tried which was inspired by another blogger - sewing a clasp frame purse.

clasp frame purse

Sewing a purse with a clasp frame always looked kind of complicated to me so I'd never given it a try. Then about 6 months ago the lovely and very talented Anna from Tea and a Sewing Machine shared a tutorial which made it look quite do - able.

I picked up a couple of clasp frames inexpensively from the Stitching, Sewing and Hobbycrafts show in July so I could have a go.

Things don't always happen very quickly round here so it wasn't until last weekend that I finally got round to facing my fears and making a purse with a clasp frame.

I used some scraps of left over polka dot fabric and an old yellow shirt for the lining. I did a little embroidery on the polka dot fabric first, before making it into the purse.

embroidery close up.jpg

It's the same style as the embroidery I did earlier in the year on this tote bag.

Then I just followed Anna's instructions to make up the purse and attach the purse frame. 

It was a bit fiddly but not as complicated as I had feared. 

thread catching.jpg

I kept getting my thread caught on the clasp which slowed me down and finishing off the thread was tricky as the clasp was in the way, but I managed.

stitching inside.jpg

The inside of my purse is not quite as neat as I might have liked but over all it's pretty cute. Because of the spacing of the holes in the frame my stitches seem large to me and casting off was tricky as the frame is in the way. Any tips - please leave them in the comments!

purse with clasp frame.jpg

All in all this was a fun little make, if you fancy having a go I'd say 'go for it!' 

Head over to Tea and a Sewing Machine for all the details, Anna show how to create your own pattern from whatever sized clasp you have and then breaks it down step by step.