Amigurumi Owl

What a fun way to use up left over scraps of yarn. If you know basic crochet stitches you can make a super cute amigurumi owl! 

Amigurumi Owl
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Back in June I shared my Owl Post, a collection of over 18 different owl crafts by lots of very talented bloggers from all over the world.


I thought the amigurumi owl from Kristi Tullus was just so sweet and I finally got round to giving her pattern a go.

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It was pretty simple to follow, Kristi's pattern is in US crochet terms so that's just something to watch if you are used to UK terminology.

I confess, I got a little lost with my increases on the main owl body, mainly because I was watching some very exciting TV at the time, so in the end I just winged it and aimed for something with the right sort of shape, using the number of stitches at the end of each row as a guide. Looking at the photos I think my owl maybe just a tiny bit taller than she is supposed to be.

amigurumi owl 1.jpg

My little amigurumi owl is made from left overs from the crochet flower garland and gift wrapping from earlier this summer. I also used a little bit of the orange in this heart sachet.

The yarn is DMC Natura Just Cotton Medium and I used a 3mm crochet hook for the owl. I also substituted the safety eye Kristi used for her owl for a small black button (just using what I have) but then I'm not giving this owl to a small child. If you were, then obviously the safety eye is a better choice.

crochet owl 2.jpg

I find amigurumi is a bit more difficult than regular crochet, the stitches are simple but it's just smaller and tighter so a bit more fiddly. As I'm making something I'm thinking "never again" but then the results are just so darn cute that after a short break I am tempted to have another go! 

If you are tempted to have a go at this sweet little owl then pop on over to get the pattern here and Kristi Tullus has lots more patterns both free and to buy on her site as well as some tutorials on how to crochet too so it's well worth a look around)

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