Simple Cards with Beautiful Papers

Make some super simple greeting cards using beautiful papers.

Simple cards with beautiful papers

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I love making handmade greeting cards for family & friends. Sometimes I spend ages thinking about creating layers, textures, finding just the right embellishments from my stash, but sometimes it's nice to keep things really simple.

The other day I had a card making session and made some really simple cards which I think show off some beautiful papers to the max. I had a selection of lovely papers that had come in some recent Mollie Makes magazines and wanted to put them to good use.

The papers I used were from these designers:

The Printed Peanut

Mia Dunton Illustration

Jess Phoenix

Chloe Hall

I pulled them all out so I'm not entirely sure who did which design now - they are all lovely though! 

Because the papers are so gorgeous I just added a sentiment (I either print them on the computer or rescue them from old cards) and a button/thread or two. That was all I felt they needed, sometimes simple is better. 

simple card 1.jpg

This one has a greeting printed onto velum which just tucks round the paper before being stuck down.

simple card 2.jpg

Here I've used a pretty flower button (also a Mollie Makes freebie) and some embroidery thread.

simple card 4.jpg

Super easy, this "Thank you" was cut from an old card I'd received.

simple cards 5.jpg
simple cards 11.jpg

Not much needed on these beautiful papers, just a message and a button!

simple cards 8.jpg

Ooo, I went a bit mad here and added a message, button AND thread! 

simple cards 9.jpg

There's a little but of glitter round this greeting, just to mix things up a bit.

simple cards 10.jpg

This paper is too cute to need anything else!

simple card 3.jpg

Here I used the leftover bits of paper just to make sure I wasted nothing.

simple cards 7.jpg

This sentiment is another one which came from an old card, with thread and a button it's dangling down. 

simple cards 6.jpg

Here's another with a dangly sentiment, button and thread.

You could use gorgeous scrapbook papers or good quality wrapping papers (cheap thin stuff just doesn't work) I used Pritt Stick glue to stick down the papers and Anita's Tacky Glue to secure the buttons.

Hopefully you've enjoyed looking through these simple card ideas to use any beautiful papers you might have knocking around waiting to fulfil there destiny to be used to make something lovely!