Jackson Mouse Craft Kit Review

Today I have a kit review for you, the Jackson Mouse kit from the lovely people at Amazing Craft.

Jackson mouse kit review

I was lucky enough to be given a toy making kit from Amazing Craft, in exchange for my honest review.

My kit was to make a cute little field mouse called Jackson.

If you order a kit in the post it comes in recycled packaging and a sweet little poem to explain. I think it's brilliant!


The kit comes in a lovely organza bag and contains pretty much everything needed to make the mouse. The only things I needed of my own were scissors and some pliers.


Jackson mouse is pretty tiny. He measures about 12cm standing up, and 10cm sitting down so the pieces to make him are pretty small.

standing  mouse.jpg

You receive the paper pattern and fabric, so the first job is cutting it all out. Placement advice is in the instructions, just as well as I almost cut one leg piece with the fur going in the wrong direction! I used a water erasable fabric pen to mark my pieces and things like the dots for the joints.

Then it's just a case of handsewing it together. There is no way I could have used the machine to sew him up, I don't have that sort of control!

This took me 3 sessions of about an hour at a time. I was catching up on tv programs we had missed whilst on holiday so depending on the excitement of the programs I may have stitched more or less in each hour.

The face is just a little stitched nose and glass eyes which are provided.

face close up.jpg

The kit contains little cotter pins to give the mouse moveable joints so I needed my own pliers to secure them. It was a little bit fiddly but not difficult.

cotter pins.jpg

A fairly quick and super cute little make - though I do say so myself. 

finished mouse 1.jpg
back of mouse.jpg

Isn't he sweet? He has little metal beads in his body that give him a lovely weight too.

mouse in hand.jpg

Amazing Craft advises not to use the glass eyes if you want to give this to a small child. I think he is more suitable for an older child or adult really anyway. Someone who will appreciate him and all the hard work that went into making him.

These kits retail at £25.00 or you can buy just the pattern and instructions for £6.99. 

Amazing Craft is a UK based company, they do ship the kits worldwide but it is quite pricey.

 The pattern is totally reuseable and they sell cotter pins and eyes very inexpensively so you could easily make more Jackson mice if you wanted to. They also have links on the website to video tutorials for the tricky bits which are really helpful.

All in all I'd say this is a great little kit. This one is suitable for someone who has some sewing experience but Amazing Craft have loads of other kits to choose from too.