Knitting Needle Case from a pillowcase

Make a case for all your knitting and crochet needles, hooks and accessories from an old pillowcase.

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I have a confession, I find it really hard to walk past a Charity shop (a UK version of a Thrift store) without going in for just a 'quick look'. Last week I was sourcing fancy dress costume elements for a halloween party so I had a good excuse for going in and I fell across this set of 2 quilted pillowcases that were just too pretty to leave behind. (I did get the costumes sorted too) 


The patchwork is that printed 'fake' patchwork, but the tops were thick and quilted. The brownish border was a separate piece so I cut that away. The back was in 2 pieces, one big-one small, with ties. 

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I decided to make a roll up case for knitting needles and crochet hooks with 3 rows of pockets, so there would be room for accessories as well. I used the front of the pillowcase as the main part, the back as 2 pockets and then needed to add in some white and blue fabric from my stash for the lining and the middle pocket. 

To make a Knitting needle case like this you will need:

  • Main case piece - 17" x 20" (44cm x 51cm)

  • Lining piece - 17" x 20" (44cm x 51cm)

  • Pocket 1 - 17" x 19" (44cm x 48.5cm)

  • Pocket 2 - 17" x 12" (44cm x 31cm)

  • Pocket 3 - 17" x 7.5" (44cm x 20cm)

  • Ribbon 39" (100 cm)

  • Thread

  • A Water-Erasable Fabric Marking Pen


All the pocket here are doubled over, this is because the fabric I had from the back of the pillowcase was very thin. You could make your pockets half the height and just turn a small hem.

Press each of the pocket pieces in half and then arrange then on the lining like this:


Hold the layers in place with a few pins and mark the pocket sections with an erasable pen. 

mark lines.jpg

Working from right to left, I marked 3 sections 1.5" wide and then 12 more at 1" wide.

You can see them a little better in this close up. 


Stitch over the lines, going back a few stitches at the top end to make sure the stitches don't come undo when your case is in use.

stitch lines.png

When you get to the last 6 rows on the left side, pin back the top layer and just stitch through the 2 larger pocket layers for 2 rows.

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Then replace the smallest pocket layer for the next row. Then pin it out of the way again for the last 2 rows. 

This will create some larger pockets on the bottom left, which are useful for tape measures, scissors etc. 

Next lay the pocket layered piece and the main piece right sides together. Fold the ribbon almost in half. That sounds a bit odd, fold it in half but unevenly, so one end is about 60cm and one is 40cm. Position the ribbon on the left side of the case, 7" (18cm) from the bottom with the long ends all inside.

right sides tog.jpg

Stitch all round the case using a half inch (1.5cm) seam allowance and leaving a 3" gap on the right edge. Be careful not to catch the ribbon in the seams.

Trim the corners and excess seam allowance and then turn right side out.


Press with the iron then top stitch all around to neaten and close the gap you'd left for turning. 

You can remove any remaining erasable fabric pens marks just by rubbing then lightly with a damp cloth. 

Now just fill the case with all your knitting and crochet bits and pieces, fold the top flap over, roll it all up safely and secure with the ribbon ties.

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closed needle case.png
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On reflection I'm not sure I need all 3 pocket layers, so next time I might play around with their depth and maybe only do two. I was guided by the sizes of the pillowcase back fabric on this occasion. The nice thing about making your own is that you can make it any size you like with whatever pockets you like. 

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