Quick ways to - make a card

quick ways to make a card

With our busy lifestyles, schedules, and families, being able to do things quickly is important to many of us. 

I'm joining forces with a group of blogging friends to offer you projects you can accomplish quickly. Whether it’s preparing a meal, crafting, or cleaning, we want to offer you the ability to do more with the limited time you have! 

My contribution to all this efficiency is 5 quick ways to make a card!

We've all been there, you need a card for a special occasion right now. You're leaving for a party in 30 minutes, you forgot it's someone's last day at work or maybe you just need to get a card in the post NOW or it'll never get there in time. 

I love card making, taking an hour or so to make something special for someone special but sometimes there is just not time for that. Sometimes you need that sucker in a hurry! So I've put some ideas together today that are quicker that going to the shop to buy a card.

All you need things you most probably have anyway and a supply of card blanks and envelopes. Buy a pack today, before you forget, then you'll always be ready.

Upcycle an old card

You and your family have birthdays right? If you receive cards then the most simple thing of all is to recycle them. This works especially well on art type cards, the ones where is just a print of a beautiful work of art. Just cut it out and stick it to the front of a card blank and you're good to go. It couldn't be simpler. 

I had a quick look in my stash and found these which are all eminently suitable for the simplest of remakes.

old cards.png

Something as pretty as this laser cut card  doesn't need anything more than to be glued to the card blank. It's SO lovely that it seems wrong not to use it again and spread the joy! 

lazer cut.png

You could get fancy and layer the picture on a piece of coloured card or paper - save coloured envelopes for this so it's free - I guess it depends if you have that extra 2 minutes to spare!

simple upcycled birthday card idea

Upcycle a calendar

Similar to the card idea, just cut up the pictures from last years calendar and attach them to a card blank. Simple!  

old calender pages

I cut these up and then stuck them down like a jigsaw but if you had a calendar with a large beautiful arty photograph you can just cut out suitable bit. Even easier! 

simple card made from an old calender


The internet is chocka block with free printables. It's so easy, all you have to do is download the printable and ...well... print it. Occasionally you might need to do a little glueing but that's it. I won't list a load here but you can find a whole assortment on the cards sections of my printables pinterest board to get you started.

Create a Word Cloud

I know they've been around a while now but I still like a good word cloud! It's quick and easy, just go to a word cloud creating site, type in a load of words and click on create. I used WordArt.com to make this one, but there are loads on line. 

word cloud.png

Just print your word cloud, cut it out and the glue it onto a card. Simple! 

word cloud card

Washi Tape

You know that washi tape that you bought because it was cute? Find it and add a few stripes to a card blank. Add a lot or just a few, whatever you have time for. 

washi tape

A sentiment would be nice in the gap, maybe cut one off an old card, print something on your computer or use your best writing.

simple washi tape card

That's just 5 ways to make a super quick card. Very organised people will never need this of course, but hopefully these ideas will come in handy for the rest of us! 

Now do pop by and visit my blogging friend and see the ways they have found to save you valuable time. 

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