Wallpaper Greeting Cards

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Today I’ve got a really simple greeting card idea for you. Cards made using left over wall paper.

This idea came about when I had a small piece of this pretty owl wall paper left over. Those owls are just too cute not to use for something.

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To make your own cute wallpaper cards you will need:

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This is embarrassingly simple really, it’s just a bit of cutting and sticking.

Cut out motifs from the wallpaper, I find this easiest to start with scissors to cut the main bits, then move to a craft knife for the more fiddly little bits.

cut out wall paper to make greeting cards

If your paper has them, do a mix of large and small motifs, I cut out owls and little flowers. If you take everything from the same wallpaper you know all the colours will match perfectly. It makes card making simple!

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Glue them to the blank card starting with the largest item, then stamp your greeting. Fill in any gaps with the smaller things like flowers etc as takes your fancy.

owl greeting card ideas

See what I mean, embarrassingly simple!

You could add extras like sequins, gems or buttons with a dab of pva glue if you like. They’d be nice in the centre of flowers for example. I guess what you add would depend on what design your wall paper had.

So there you have it, super quick and easy greeting cards made from scraps of left over wall paper.

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