Mother's Day Gift Guide for Mums who Craft

Mothers day gift guide for mums who craft

Mother’s Day is on different days in different countries but here in the UK it’s on 31st March this year. Time to get thinking about mum and sourcing a gift that shows how much she means to you.

To help you out I’ve put together a quick gift guide for mums who like crafts. As a crafter and a mum myself I’ve just gone for things that I’d like and (as I have most excellent taste!!) assumed other mums who craft will like them too!

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I’ve tried to keep this sensibly priced as well. Nothing here is over £25 and most are less than £10. Mother’s Day is a bonus day, in my mind anyway, and a smaller, token gift is ideal. Spend too much and your mum will say “You shouldn’t go spending your money on me!” - Don’t get anything and she will be disappointed even though she may pretend not to be!

Click through the photos of these lovely crafty gift ideas to go straight to the Etsy shop they’re from (affiliate links)

1) Kits are a great gift for any crafter, no matter what the size of our craft stash we love a little box or bag with everything all together to make something lovely. This pincushion kit from Peacock in a Pear Tree is super cute and is just £9.


2) If mum knits or crochets then she will most likely love some sweet little stitch markers, you can never have enough and the cuter the better. These little clay bead strawberry stitch markers are just £5 for a set of 5 from Diana Sian Crafts. There are lots of other styles available too.


3) These bamboo knitting needles are personalised using pyrography or wood burning. What a unique gift idea from Rockery Cottage and just £14 a pair.

They also have crochet hooks or drawing pencils with motivational quotes available if that’s more your mum’s cup of tea!


4) Who doesn’t love a good fun badge? Every crafting mum would surely wear one of these proudly on her coat or pop it on her project bag. They are from Craft Schmooze and they have loads to choose from for just £3.50 each so you could maybe get your mum flowers as well!


5) Hapus Crafts have some lovely little Needle books, perfect for a mum who sews or likes embroidery. They are all one offs too, and oh so pretty. Prices start at £9.50.


6) I keep reading that the unicorn trend is fading but I just can’t agree! Especially when you see things like this sewing kit for a lovely unicorn door hanger (plus it has pom pom trim - and you know how I love a good pom pom or 2!) The kit is just £7.50 from In Spirit Crafting.


7) If you want to treat your mum to something really special then these personalised yarn bowls are just gorgeous. They are £29 from Hartscraft


8) Or how about this Macrame Wall Hanging kit? Macrame has never been more fashionable (except maybe in 1975!) and a neutral coloured wall hanging like this would look great in any home. This kit is from Pretty Little Knots and costs £20.


9) You can’t have too many project bags - it’s just a fact! So how about a printed tote bag for mum to carry her latest yarn project? This one from Handmade by Jayney is £10 and she has several other fun designs to choose from too.


10) These sweet little doll embroidery kits are just too cute to not include in this gift guide. The finished doll is about 40cm tall so big enough to be a small cushion as well as a doll. I can imagine them with a pot pourri bag tucked inside too. The basic kit is just £13 from Doodle Duck Prints for the printed fabric and thread, or you can upgrade for a full kit with everything needed for £20.


11) This little wrist bag from Knitty Nora’s Handiwork is such a brilliant idea. Anyone who has tried to knit or crochet sitting out in the garden or on the train will know why THIS is such a great gift! Only £8.50 too.


Etsy is a great place to find handmade and more unusual, unique gift ideas. I have an Etsy shop myself and have a variety of cards and upcycled bags, brooches, scented sachets etc for sale so I’m a big fan!

You can find loads more Mother’s Day gift ideas in Etsy’s Mother’s Day Editors Pick Page too.

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If don’t have a mum who crafts but are in fact yourself a mum who crafts then I suggest emailing, texting or Facebook sharing the link to this page to the relevant people! I’ve added numbers to the items just so you can let them know what have caught your eye. I’ve always found that sending your teenage or adult children links to exactly what you’d like is a great way of getting the presents you want! A cheerful little whatsapp message saying something like “these ideas are nice, especially number 1, 4 and 7” can go down well. They seem to like it, takes all the guess work and stress out of it for them, and what mum doesn’t want to help their children like that! :-D

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