Handmade Monday #310


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An old rectangular tin full of buttons of all shapes, sizes and colours

This is my button tin and I have an important survey question for you. (You may have seen this already as I asked this over on Instagram yesterday too)

Last weekend when some family were over my button tin was brought out, the reason why is not important for this survey, and several family members expressed how they found this jumble of buttons difficult and if it were theirs they would have some sort of divided container and sort by colour or size.

I was a bit surprised to be honest, every button box or tin I’ve ever known or seen has looked like this! Half the buttons in here were my nan’s or my mum’s and they had tins which I inherited which looks just like this. The only thing to change is the container itself as my collection has grown over the years.

So help me resolve this; how do you store your buttons? Let me know in the comments, or hop over to my Insta and let me know there.

  • In a divided storage container

  • The proper way all jumbled in together in an old biscuit tin!

I am will to eat a big portion of humble pie if the results of this scientific survey don’t go my way but I can’t promise I will change what I do! For me sorting through the tin is half the fun of searching for just the right button :-D

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Steph Creates has made this beautiful burlap heart garland hanging decoration, isn’t it pretty?

Candace reviewed a gorgeous pattern from Sigoni Macaroni for Eye Love Knots, the cutest bees and beehive.

Saved from Salvage used a snowflake stencil to revamp this storage tin and door mat. She used clay paint which I confess is a new one on me so I’m off to do some research on that right now!

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