House Colours Scarf Pattern

A simple pattern to make a knitted scarf in house colours.

Free Harry Potter Scarf Pattern
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I made this scarf for my daughter as she is a huge book worm and fan of a certain wizarding book franchise. She was very fussy about the style and size of the scarf, so when I couldn’t find exactly what she’d like already I set about making my own pattern to her exacting standards.

It's knitted on a round needle so it doesn't roll up at the edges but isn't rib.

The good news is - it's all knit, none of that purl nonsense to slow you down!

The bad news is - it's double thickness so that's twice as much knitting!

Here is the pattern, with a simple version first for more experienced knitters. If you are more of a newby just scroll down as I've included lots of pictures and instructions on how to make the colour changes/tassels etc in case you haven't tackled anything like this before.

(If you can't knit at all there are loads of great videos on youtube, I've not covered that here!)

House Colours Scarf Pattern

  • 3 x 100g balls of claret DK wool (US: Light Worsted, Aus: 8 ply) - I only used a tiny bit of the 3rd ball, you could squeeze it out of 2 if you made it a little bit shorter

  • 1 x 100g ball of gold DK

  • 16.5"/42cm circular needle - size 4mm (US size 6)

  • Any biggish crochet hook

Basic pattern:

Using main colour (m) cast on 60 sts, *work 27 rows in knit.

Change to contrast colour (c) knit 3 rows.

Knit 5 rows in m, then a further 3 rows in c.

Repeat from * until desired length finishing with 27 rows in m

Cast off. Create 28 8" tassels and attach 14 evenly to each short edge, joining the layers as you go.

I did 14 pattern repeats in total and then the wide claret band and the scarf measures 102"/260cm. It's 7"/18cm wide.

Now here's the same wizard scarf pattern again with a step by step photo tutorial:

Cast on 60 stitches with the claret/main colour, then just start knitting in a circle. Go round for 27 rows. You could use a stitch marker but I didn't (because I don't have one and am not really sure how they help!), I just counted the rows when I thought I was getting close. Remember once 27 rows are done you can see 26 stitches. 

Change to gold by making a knot around your claret yarn, then pulling it tight to the back of the last stitch.

change 1 & 2 sm.jpg

Now just start knitting with the gold yarn.

change pic 3 sm.jpg

Once you've done a few stitches it will look like this.

change pic 4 sm.jpg

Knit 3 rows in gold. Remember, as I said above, when you can see 2 stitches that means you have done 3 rows.

chnage 5 & 6 sm.jpg

Bring the claret yarn under the gold then start knitting with the claret. Keep the gold at the back for now.

change 7 & 8.jpg

Knit 3 rows in the claret then wrap the claret yarn over the gold that you are keeping at the back. Then just carry on with the claret for another 2 rows. (That's 5 rows of claret altogether) Doing this just stops the gold from looping about too much at the back.

change 9 & 10.jpg

This is what it should look like at the front.

Change back to the gold for another 3 rows.

At this point I broke off the gold with a tail of about 4"/10cm.

Carry on with the claret for another 27 rows. Once you've done a couple of these rows stop and sew the gold end in. It's much easier to do this as you go along, don’t leave the ends to sew in at the end, that’s just depressing!

sewing in ends sm.jpg

Continue with this pattern until you are happy that the scarf is long enough, just make sure you finish with a 27 rows of claret.

I did 14 pattern repeats in total and then the wide claret band and the scarf measures 102"/260cm. It's 7"/18cm wide.

As you knit it will twist up on your lap, just stop now and again to untwist.

twisting sm.jpg

I did 14 pattern repeats in total and then the wide claret band and the scarf measures 102"/260cm. It's 7"/18cm wide.

Flatten your scarf, lining it up so all the little steps where you changed colours are lined up at the edge. You can press it very lightly with the iron at this point if you want.

Now you need to make the tassels. Cut a piece of thick cardboard 8"/20cm x 3"/8cm. Wrap the claret yarn round and round without pulling it tight.

tassel 1 & 2.jpg

Cut along the top and bottom so you end up with 8" lengths. You will need 84. Take 3 lengths and fold them in half.

Take a crochet hook and poke it through both layers of the scarf as close to the edge as you can, pick up the loop and pull it through both layer. Don't pull it all the way through - just half way.

Open the loop out with your fingers, make sure you have all three strands.

Poke the loose ends through the loop.

Pull gently till it’s nice and tight.

tassel 3 to 6.jpg

Add tassels all the way along both ends, about 2 stitches apart.

Lay it down somewhere flat and with sharp scissors, trim the tassels so they are all level.

This is the wool I used, just an inexpensive DK from my local shop.

Free Harry Potter Scarf Pattern

Now all you have to do is wear it, enjoy it, love it!

She was trying to be cool for my photos, but this is how much she really loves it!

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