How to make a Hidden Hanger Pocket from a Placemat

Here is a really quick and easy way to make a pocket to attach to a coat hanger.

Today I’m joining the Do It Over Designers Challenge. I’ve taken a couple of old and slightly marked woven fabric placemats and transformed them into practical hanger pockets.

I’ve tried 2 different ways to make these hidden hanger pockets, one where the pocket is permanently fixed to your hanger - so perfect to use at home, and one where the pocket is attached with hook and eye fastening tape (we all know what I mean right? I’m just not allowed to use the brand name, but you can see it in the photo!) which is ideal for travelling.

At home I find a pocket on a hanger is useful for holding accessories which go with a particular outfit. I have a couple of dresses that have self fabric belts which can go wandering if they are not kept near.

When travelling a pocket attached to a hanger can be a more secure place to stash valuables if there is not a safe available. Obviously I’m not suggesting it’s 100% foolproof, but underneath a dress or t-shirt it’s not immediately obvious.

Let’s get started making our upcycled hidden hanger pockets

You will need:

  • A fabric placemat

  • A coat hanger with a bar across the bottom

  • Sewing thread and Sewing machine

For the removable travel version you’ll also need:

  • Hook and eye tape that is 3 inches shorter than the short side of the placemat

How to make a hanger pocket that is permanently fixed

Take the placemat and place the coat hanger on top about 3-4 inches from the top.

Fold the bottom edge of the placemat up so it’s just under the bar of the hanger.

Fold the top of the placemat down over the bar of the hanger and pin in place.

Stitch the 2 sides of the placemat getting as close to the coat hanger as possible. Be sure to secure the beginning and end of your stitching by doing a few backstitches.

This is ever so slightly awkward as the hanger is a bit bulky to maneuver under your sewing machine, just stitch as close as you can to the bar of the hanger but don’t worry too much.

That’s it! Couldn’t be easier, right?

How to make a hanger pocket that is removable for travel

  • Take the hook and eye tape and sew the one piece to one short end of the placemat centrally.

  • Turn the placemat over and sew the other piece of the hook and eye tape to the opposite short end of the placemat, again centrally.

Place the placemat down so that the tape is facing up at the top edge. Lay a coat hanger on top about 3-4” down from the top edge. Fold the bottom edge so it’s just below the bar of the coat hanger. Pin the sides, remove the coat hanger and stitch the sides where you pinned them.

Again, make sure you stitch your side seams securely by stitching a few extra back stitches at the beginning and end of your stitching. This is a little easier than the other version though because the hanger isn’t in your way as you stitch.

To use the travel hidden hanger pocket just lay the coat hanger on top of the placemat and secure in place with the vel (ops, nearly!) hook and eye fastening.

Not the cutest or prettiest upcycling project of all time, but quick, easy and practical. You could use a prettier placemat if you have one, or even decorate it with ribbon, lace, applique or embroidery. If you do want to decorate your placemat do it first, before you turn it into a hanger pocket as it will be much easier.

I have a few more of these woven fabric placemats and have a few more ideas to give them a new life so you may be seeing them again sometime.


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